Girl Grabs Kitchen Knife to Scare Away Burglar

by | Jul 24, 2018 | Blogs, Crime Watch

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12-Year-Old Girl Scares Away Burglar

A quick-thinking 12-year-old girl grabbed a kitchen knife and scared away a burglar from her family’s Florida home.

It was summer vacation and Paris Hall was sleeping in on Monday morning at her grandparents’ Lake Wales FL home. They had gone to work and she was home alone. Suddenly at about 9 am a bright light woke her. Someone had turned on the overhead light in her room. In disbelief, she sat up and saw a strange man tinkering with the television set on the dresser. When she questioned him, he reportedly told her that he had left his phone in the home and his uncle had said he could look for it. In her groggy state, the girl thought perhaps her grandfather might be the man’s uncle.  She told him that because she didn’t know him, she wanted him to leave.

The man headed downstairs and she heard the door shut.  Going downstairs herself to make sure he was indeed gone, she noticed a kitchen window was shattered.

“I put two and two together and figured my granddad wasn’t his uncle,” Paris told ABC Action News. “I was very scared at that point. I didn’t know what to do.”

Burglar Tried to Entice Girl Outside

Paris called her grandfather who urged her to immediately go to a neighbor’s home for safety and call 911.

“I’m telling her, go to the neighbor’s house, go to the neighbor’s house!” her grandfather Samuel Lamb told local media station WFLA. He said he jumped in the car and rushed home. “My drive felt like an hour. I was just thinking on the ride, I have to come home and I don’t know what’s going happen.”

What happened was that Paris attempted to do exactly as her grandfather had told her to do. But as she neared the front door, she saw the alleged burglar standing in the front yard waiting for her.

She told reporters that he saw her in the doorway and called to her. He asked her what time her parents would get home. He also invited her to come outside and “chill” with him.

Hearing that, Paris dashed to the kitchen, quickly grabbed the biggest knife she could find. She re-emerged at the front door with the knife pointed at the man saying she did not want to go outside and chill with him and that he had better leave immediately. Seeing the knife, he fled.

Scared Away Burglar Remains At Large

Once she realized that she had succeeded in scaring away the burglar, Paris allowed herself to panic. She ran to the neighbor’s house and called the police. She said by then her heart was pounding and she was crying. Her grandfather who arrived on the scene told media representatives that he is very thankful she was able to hold her fear in check and did not scream or cry during the incident. He said that is likely that things might have turned out otherwise and far worse had she shown fear.

Now Paris is afraid to be alone in the home and or sleep in a room by herself. Although the suspect remains at large, she is hopeful he will be caught by the police soon.

Anyone with information about this crime is asked to please call the local police at (863) 678-4223 extension 265 or Heartland Crime Stoppers at (800) 226-8477.

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