How to Camouflage A Security Camera

by | Mar 15, 2022 | Blogs, Home Security

Burglars nowadays are more aware of home security cameras when scoping out their next target. The security cameras are the first thing they look out for and try to disable or destroy to protect their identity. Thus, there is a need for property owners to also get ahead of the burglars and be more conscious of where to put their security cameras. Today, most people camouflage their security cameras to hide them from plain sight, making them undetectable by burglars. Now, there are a lot of creative and inexpensive ways to hide a camera in plain sight. This short blog will help you learn of the different ways to camouflage a security camera indoors or outdoors.

1. Get a Mini Camera

The first and most straightforward way to hide a security camera is by getting a spy or small security camera in the first place. With its small size, it’s much easier to hide. Plus, a spy security camera does not need any wiring, so you can move it quickly from place to place. Moreover, some of these tiny cameras have built-in audio recording capabilities and night vision to record everything throughout the evening. 

2. Camouflage a Security Cameras Under Eaves, Gutters, or Ceilings

If you already have a set of mini cameras, you can easily mount them under eaves, gutters, or near the ceiling of your home. Once they are mounted on a surface that is far from the ground and hidden under, anyone could hardly notice it from a distance. You can also surround the camera with other unsuspecting objects such as leaves or flowers to completely hide it.

3. Disguise Outdoor Cameras in a Birdhouse

For outdoor solutions, a traditional birdhouse is an excellent and unsuspicious place to camouflage a security camera. A birdhouse is an enclosed space with just a tiny hole in it. It can cover the camera’s body, while still capturing video and audio through the peephole. But do make sure no obstacles block the camera’s view, and make sure the camera itself is stable and will not move around. Again, it is ideal to use a wireless camera if you’re planning to set it up in a birdhouse.

4. Hide Security Cameras Near Trees or Bushes

Another idea for hiding a camera outdoors is to place it near trees or bushes. The leaves can be good camouflage to hide the camera in plain sight. You can also paint the camera dark green (if you’re up for it) so that it’ll blend into the surrounding bushes and leaves.

5. Put Hidden Security Cameras Behind Glass Window

For indoor solutions, installing a mini camera by a glass window is common practice. Hidden behind curtains and just mounted on a covered windowsill will make a perfect spot for a hidden indoor camera. Although it sounds easily noticeable, this is also an excellent option for hidden cameras at a commercial building — burglars would still take quite some time to find a business security camera in this kind of location.

6. Disguise Security Cameras Within Everyday Objects

Hiding a security camera is not really that difficult and you typically don’t need a well-structured plan on where to put it. If you are not a fan of planning, know that you can easily camouflage a security camera within these ordinary objects in your home:

  • Bookshelves
  • Desk plants
  • Tissue boxes
  • Stuffed teddy bears
  • Fake rocks
  • Fake hanging potted plant

But Always Remember!

Even if you successfully managed to camouflage a wireless security camera, some burglars are wise enough to still find it. So make sure that your camera is connected to your mobile devices to store the recordings directly into your smartphone. With this, even if your hidden camera is disabled, a backup recording can still be found on your phone. 

Furthermore, camouflaging a security camera is an excellent way to deceive and catch burglars, but know that a hidden security camera also has an ethical issue floating around it. So before setting up one, it is advised to talk to an attorney about the legal ways you plan to use the security camera and the locations you’d like it to be camouflaged.

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