The only business security cameras with guards included

The only business security cameras with guards included

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Preventing crime with after-hours surveillance for business

Storefronts. Warehouses. Offices.

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The Business Surveillance System That Prevents Crime

Deep Sentinel’s business security cameras protect your commercial property from crimes of all kinds.

The Business Surveillance System That Prevents Crime






Deep Sentinel’s business security cameras protect your commercial property from crimes of all kinds.






Business Surveillance Cameras for Real-Time Crime Intervention

Protect your building and assets with state-of-the-art business security camera systems with live video surveillance. Deep Sentinel’s guards review and respond to activity from cameras positioned around the perimeter of your business or commercial building. This ensures that any suspicious activity is identified within seconds and crime can be stopped before a potential intruder even starts to enter the property.

How It Works

1. Cameras Detect

Smart cameras stream within seconds to local AI to detect potential threats—the fastest detection solution compared with other business security solutions.

A drawing of how the deep sentinel artificial intelligence detects threats

2. Live Guards Watch

Through live surveillance, guards watch every time a person steps foot on your business property in real time.

A drawing of how deep sentinel guards on duty can intervene to stop crime

3. Instant Response

Guards can engage potential criminals with two-way audio and contact police within seconds, not minutes. Deep Sentinel boasts the fastest response times among business security monitoring providers.

A drawing of a police officer responding to a crime

“Huge peace of mind knowing that Deep Sentinel is keeping an eye on everything”

Andrew – Owner of Lenz Arts
Santa Cruz, CA

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Crimes Prevented Every Week


Rate of Suspects Removed from Property

Meet Deep Sentinel.

Own your personal virtual guard today

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2-way Speaker & Mic

For real-time crime intervention by our experienced security guards

Wireless & Power-over-Ethernet options

Multiple products to suit your commercial security needs

deep sentinel smart hub

Local AI in Hub

Lightning-fast processing & security classification

AI Analysis

50+ images per second & is always learning

deep sentinel smart hub
image shows live sentinel guards protect your home

Live Sentinel Guards For Your Business

Unlike other business security providers, our guards speak directly to intruders to help prevent crime.

Immediate Action

No other commercial security system or video surveillance company sends law enforcement faster.

Compatible with Third-Party Cameras (BETA)

Use Deep Sentinel’s live surveillance services with select third-party cameras.

Multiple Integration Options

Currently compatible with several PoE camera manufacturers, with more to be certified soon

image shows live sentinel guards protect your home
image shows live sentinel guards protect your home

Compatible with Third-Party Cameras (BETA)

Use Deep Sentinel’s live surveillance services with select third-party cameras.

Multiple Integration Options

Currently compatible with several PoE camera manufacturers, with more to be certified soon

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Easy 30-minute Install

From out of box to live guards protecting your business

Deep Sentinel Security Products

Gen2 Wireless Solution

  • Completely wireless & hassle-free
  • Easy DIY or professional installation
  • Most popular option for small storefronts, shops, and other small-to-medium sized businesses

Power-over-Ethernet Systems

  • Faster data transmission for 2k and 4k video quality
  • Professional installation required
  • Most popular option for warehouses, construction sites, car lots, and larger commercial buildings

Third-Party Cameras

  • Integrates Deep Sentinel’s live virtual guard services with existing PoE cameras
  • Available for select camera models, with more models to be certified soon
  • Now in beta

Conventional security systems contact law enforcement in 8 minutes on average.

We do it in seconds.

Don’t Compromise On Protecting Your Business.

No One Does Business Security Like We Do

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Customer Reviews

“This is real intervention.”


“Deep Sentinel is amazing. When a motion sensor on the security camera goes off, a remote guard reviews in real time and asks the intruder why they’re there. I also get a push notification and watch in the app.”

David, San Francisco, WA


“Well worth the money. I sleep better every night knowing someone is always watching!”

“Last night was the third time in less than 6 months they interrupted an intruder on my property. I recommend this product to anyone who is looking for surveillance that is monitored after hours for any type of business.”

Daniel Batchelor, CA

Owner of Elevation 2477

“When we talk of great customer service and the best security services for used car dealers, we made a good choice going with Deep Sentinel.”

“I would recommend Deep Sentinel 1,000 times over ADT and all the other security service providers.”
Sam, Sales Manager

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"Best Investment Ever"

Control Everything in a Simple App

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Get real-time notifications and action confirmations in your app

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View all past events without cloud storage fees

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Instant streaming day and night with two-way audio for communication

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You are in total control of what the guards see

The Only Business Security System with Live Guards.

We have eyes on criminals from the second they step on your commercial property. Live guards proactively monitor beyond just the front door of your business and take action instantly. No other business security system prevents crime like Deep Sentinel.


Deep Sentinel Surveillance is headquartered in Pleasanton, CA.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do Deep Sentinel guards prevent crime at my business?

Once our AI technology detects a potential threat at your business, your surveillance camera’s feed is instantly streamed to our live guards. Deep Sentinel guards can then immediately intervene through your surveillance camera’s microphone, set off a very loud alarm, and contact law enforcement in seconds. Learn more about how the system works here.

How is business surveillance different from residential?

Deep Sentinel for Business has all the great features of our residential surveillance, with a few added benefits. In addition to being distinguished as our guard’s highest priority, businesses will also receive:

  • Instant Intervention: Live feeds hit our surveillance center within 10 seconds (depending on internet speeds), and if any activity is present, our live guards will intervene immediately.
  • After-Hours Business Monitoring: Businesses set their own custom monitoring hours in the Deep Sentinel app. These hours can easily be changed, so if you are planning to close early or need to set custom holiday hours, you can easily do so with the click of a button.
  • Indoor Camera Installation Permitted: Unlike our residential surveillance, our commercial security cameras can be placed indoors upon approval at your business to keep your assets covered after-hours.
How do the guards know an employee or a criminal is on my property? What if my employee shows up after hours?

Since our guards are monitoring your business after hours, they’re assuming that no one (including your employees) will be on the premises. If guards notice anyone on the property, they’ll intervene immediately and assess the situation. If the behavior is suspicious or criminal activity is witnessed, the guards will intervene, sound an alarm, and contact your local police department in seconds.

If “non-threatening” behavior is witnessed, such as an employee closing up the business, our guards will come onto the speaker in a non-elevated manner addressing their reason for being on the property. The employee will be given a chance to explain that they do in fact belong on the premises, and they’ll be asked to recite the business’s safe word (a customizable PIN unique to the business which will allow visitors and employees to securely verify themselves).

Can I view footage and engage with visitors myself?

Through the Deep Sentinel app, you will have access to live and recorded footage, as well as the ability to engage (talk and listen) to anyone on the property the same way our guards do. You will also be able to add multiple user accounts for your employees and set up unique user permissions for each account.

How does Deep Sentinel compare to other security systems on the market?
Although there are other business security companies that provide surveillance guards, Deep Sentinel has several features that no other competitor provides: 2-way audio, fastest engagement, lower surveillance costs, and a mobile app. Learn more about how we compare to the likes of ADT, Pro-Vigil, Stealth Monitoring, and more business surveillance companies here.
What is the required agreement length for after-hours Live Guard surveillance?

Deep Sentinel only requires a 1-year commitment. Our standard agreement is significantly less than other business surveillance systems on the market, as we’re confident you’ll be satisfied with our award-winning service. We also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try out our commercial camera systems without any pressure.

What industries does Deep Sentinel serve?

Deep Sentinel is proud to provide our award-winning surveillance services to any business that needs to protect a physical structure. Businesses of all sizes across a wide range of industries trust Deep Sentinel for protection. Some of our most common requests are for cannabis dispensary surveillance, construction site surveillance, and auto dealership surveillance.

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