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Additional Camera

deep sentinel camera front view

Extend your protection area, cover the places you care about. Includes a standard rechargeable battery.

*Monitoring not included. Your subscription will be prorated to accommodate for additional cameras


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Extra Standard Battery

image of deep sentinel 3-cell extreme rechargeable battery

Keep extra batteries on-hand to recharge a camera at a moment’s notice. These 9,600 mAh batteries will keep your cameras running even longer.


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Solar Charger & USB + Extreme Temperature Battery Kit

image of deep sentinel rechargeable usb battery and solar panel kits

Never have to change a Camera battery again! Connect the Deep Sentinel Solar Charger to your Camera using the USB + Extreme Temperature Battery and it automatically charges the battery, so you never need to swap it.



USB + Extreme Temperature Battery

image of deep sentinel rechargeable usb battery

The weatherproof (fully functional in temperatures as low as -40F/-40C)  USB port allows you to hardwire your camera to your home or external solar panel so you never have to change your batteries again.



WiFi Range Extender

image of deep sentinel wifi range extender light off

Boost the range between your existing Deep Sentinel Hub and Deep Sentinel cameras. Adds Wi-Fi range coverage up to 1,000 sq ft.


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Deep Sentinel Yard Sign

Our yard sign is the first step of protection for your property. It’s hard to miss, and will surely keep criminals away from your home or business.

NOTE: This is an additional yard sign. All new systems (both wireless and PoE) include a yard sign with your package.


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Replacement Camera Mount

Replacement camera mount for wireless cameras Only. Mount kit includes screw needed for assembly.


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