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Additional Camera

deep sentinel camera front view

Extend your protection area, cover the places you care about. Includes a standard rechargeable battery.

*Monitoring not included. Your subscription will be prorated to accommodate for additional cameras


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Extra Standard Battery

image of deep sentinel 3-cell extreme rechargeable battery

Keep extra batteries on-hand to recharge a camera at a moment’s notice. These 9,600 mAh batteries will keep your cameras running even longer.


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Solar Charger & USB + Extreme Temperature Battery Kit

image of deep sentinel rechargeable usb battery and solar panel kits

Never have to change a Camera battery again! Connect the Deep Sentinel Solar Charger to your Camera using the USB + Extreme Temperature Battery and it automatically charges the battery, so you never need to swap it.


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USB + Extreme Temperature Battery

image of deep sentinel rechargeable usb battery

The weatherproof (fully functional in temperatures as low as -40F/-40C)  USB port allows you to hardwire your camera to your home or external solar panel so you never have to change your batteries again.


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WiFi Range Extender

image of deep sentinel wifi range extender light off

Boost the range between your existing Deep Sentinel Hub and Deep Sentinel cameras. Adds Wi-Fi range coverage up to 1,000 sq ft.


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