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ENTER TO icon of win a free deep sentinel system a free $1,000 system!

Sweepstakes ended on Feb 23rd, 2020.

ENTER TO icon of win a free deep sentinel system
A free $1,000 system!

Sweepstakes ends Feb 23rd, 2020

The future of home security is here

A new Jeff Bezos-backed surveillance system designed to scare criminals








image of a free deep sentinel security system

As Featured In

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The only system with guards included

image of live sentinel guards intervene

No One Prevents Crime
Like We Do. Period.

Our Surveillance Agents intervene in real-time, with eyes and ears on anything suspicious.

Current home security technology only allows you to react once an incident has occurred, which is too late. 

We predict suspicious behavior and STOP suspects outside the perimeter of your property.

icon shows deep sentinel protects home icon shows deep sentinel guards talk through camera
Only System with 24/7 Live Professional Monitoring Loudest 2-Way
Speaker & Siren
image of deep sentinel camera front view with red led in a grey background

24/7 Always On
Live Protection

Whether it’s ensuring a simple package gets delivered or deterring the threat of a home invasion, Deep Sentinel proactively monitors what is most important to you and takes action instantly before a threat arises.

Experience peace of mind with protection that goes beyond your front door.

icon shows deep sentinel locates crime icon shows deep sentinel sends notification
Perimeter-Based Home Security No False Alarms.
image of deep sentinel camera front view with red led in a grey background

We’re giving away 1 Free System!

Deep Sentinel is the most complete home security system ever created, blending 24/7 Human Intervention, nextgen wireless cameras, and predictive AI in one.

One Surveillance System includes:

deep sentinel package with 3 cameras
3 Wireless Cameras & Smart Hub

Everything you need to protect the perimeter of your home

MSRP: $499

live sentinel guards subscription

LiveSentinel™ Surveillance 

24/7 Live human security guards protecting your home and family

MSRP: $588

Giveaway ended Feb 23rd!

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