Inspired by Law Enforcement & Created to Keep Communities Safe

Supporting Crime Prevention

We provide another set of eyes and ears on a crime situation.

Designed by Police

Real-time, real people, and 100% verified police escalation.

Keeping Police & Communities Safe

Combining 24/7 surveillance agents and AI to keep your community safe.

Designed with Inspiration from Police

In consultation with 50+ police departments we created a comprehensive service that significantly decreases police response times and drastically improves the safety of officers . With zero false alarms and live eyes on the crime, police are quick to respond to Deep Sentinel.

Other systems react to crimes. Deep Sentinel is proactive - predicting and preventing crime before they occur.

Engaging Police When it Matters

Supporting Crime Prevention

Other security cameras record a crime, but without live human involvement, there is not much more they can provide.

Our LiveSentinel™ (surveillance agents) engage with suspects the moment a threat is detected, taking proactive steps to deter, prevent, and if necessary, alert the police in real-time. And all in less than 30 seconds.

No False Alarms

Keeping Police & Communities Safe

Advanced AI technology can enhance home security, but it can never replace a trained human eye. Each call to police is the result of an expert critically evaluating a situation and deciding in seconds if law enforcement is necessary.

When we contact police, we have confirmed activity that warrants law enforcement involvement.

Keeping Police Safe

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With nextgen wireless cameras, predictive local AI, and 24/7 human vigilance, Deep Sentinel is the fastest and most complete home security system ever created. A safe and secure home is a right we all deserve.

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