Deep Sentinel COVID-19 Update

by | Mar 13, 2020 | Blogs, Home Security

Deep Sentinel Family,

As you are likely aware, the US is currently battling an epidemic of COVID-19. This is affecting all of us in many ways.

The Deep Sentinel team is tackling this challenge head on, and we are very fortunate that we have been preparing for some time: We are 100% committed to continuing to provide the Deep Sentinel service you’ve come to expect from us throughout this period.

We’ve received questions from customers about specifics of how we are handling this, so I provide this update to you to share the steps we as a company have taken and are preparing to take if needed:

1. We are confident that we will be able to provide continuity of our service. We have been planning for the impact of the COVID-19 situation since January. We have been closely tracking the developments in China and have done everything possible to plan our business operations and supply chain to provide services without interruption.
2. Our LiveSentinel Center has and continues to be modified to provide continuous service with no interruption.


• We have installed H13 Anti-Viral medical grade HEPA (a much higher standard than traditional HEPA) filters in our service center to reduce any potential transmission of COVID-19 or flu within our surveillance center.
• We are implementing distancing policies within our LiveSentinel guard center. To further minimize any potential cross-contamination between guards, have increased the space between each of the guard stations.
• And finally, we have hired additional guards and continue to do so to increase our capacity.

3. We have placed all non-essential personnel on a Work-From-Home policy. This means all employees who do not need to be in our offices can and must work from home. Additionally, we have worked with our employee benefits provider to ensure that our employees have access to support resources should they be needed.

Through this period, customer support is available if you need support or have additional questions daily from 8:30AM to 5:00PM.

Again, I recognize that this is a unique event in our country’s history, but on behalf of myself and the whole team here I assure you that we are doing everything possible under the sun to ensure that our critical service remains entirely uninterrupted. We are all so proud to protect your homes and your businesses–thank you for trusting us.

-David Selinger
CEO, Deep Sentinel

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