Real human guards watching your cameras in real-time.

We Help Prevent

Watch crime interventions and customer testimonials


Watch crime interventions and customer testimonials

How It Works

I. Cameras Detect

Cameras stream within seconds to local AI to detect potential threats.

II. Live Guards Watch

Guards watch every time a person enters or exits your home, instantly.

III. Instant Response

Guards can engage potential criminals with two-way audio and contact police within seconds, not minutes.

Easy 30-min Install

From out of box to live guards protecting your home

Meet Deep Sentinel.

Own your personal virtual guard today

For real-time intervention

Completely wireless & 130° super-wide field of view

Lightning-fast processing & classification

50+ images per second & is always learning

Speak directly to intruders to help prevent crime

Our guards intervene, so you don’t have to

See how guards intervene and prevent real crime

Protect your home today

No One Does Home Security Like We Do


Alarm Brands

(ADT, Vivint, FrontPoint, etc.)

Camera Brands

(Ring, Nest, Arlo, etc.)

24/7 Live Sentinel Guards

Live Guards talk to intruders



Prevent Home Intrusion

Beyond front door

After break-in

At the front door

Prevent Package Theft

Contact Police Time






Police Response


As verified


As verified

As Seen In

“Transformative AI takes center stage at Deep Sentinel”

“Deep Sentinel guards can see your footage and even speak to a potential intruder via the cameras’ two-way intercom.”

“Real people who monitor your camera footage and can call authorities in the event of a problem.”

“Deep Sentinel Fixes Home Security for Good”

“Most security cameras are designed to look inconspicuous. Not Deep Sentinel. It’s downright menacing.”

What the experts are saying about Deep Sentinel

Kevin The Tech Ninja

“Real human eyes monitor your property 24/7 that can diffuse situations before they escalate. Essentially it’s like having your own guards around your house.”

Danny Winget

“Preventing the crime is the best possible outcome, and this camera has a feature that no other camera has.”

Customer Reviews

“Deep Sentinel saved the day. With any other system, everything that happened would not even set an alarm.”

“The guard de-escalating the situation before calling the cops was exactly what I had wanted out of a security system. I was in a meeting while my wife was scared for the safety of our kids, and Deep Sentinel deescalated the situation so effortlessly.

Anthony, Renton, WA

“It’s changed the way I live and the way I interact with technology.”

“When I come home and wave at the camera- I know someone is in the back watching- it’s like talking to your guard. For that peace of mind, knowing that someone is always watching, and that my family is safe, it’s a priceless feeling.”

Jonathan, Union City, CA

“It’s unlike anything I have ever seen in my entire lifetime.”

“I am completely amazed at what your system does. It’s like you have a virtual police officer on standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”

Evan Nine, Orlando, FL

Money Talk Station

Control everything in a simple app


Get real-time notifications and action confirmations in your app


View all past events without cloud storage fees


Instant streaming day and night with two-way audio for communications


You are in total control of what the guards see

The Only System with Live Guards.

We have eyes on criminals from the second they step on your front yard. Live guards proactively monitor beyond the front door and take action instantly.


Deep Sentinel Surveillance is based in the US.


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