Home Security Ever

Coming Winter 2018

Every Second Counts

Deep Sentinel is the only system blending next-gen cameras, Artificial Intelligence and Human Intervention.

No one identifies a threat faster.

No one has AI running locally to analyze & predict risk in milliseconds.

Peace of Mind We
Have Your Back

Your home security deserves more than lights, alarms, and doorbells. Protect your family and keep your home safe with next-gen technology and 24/7 home surveillance.

Everyone should feel safe in their own home. Don't compromise on home security.

Human Intervention: No One Sends Police Faster

Deep Sentinel anticipates suspicious behavior and intervenes in real time to prevent crime.

Our Surveillance Team monitors the perimeters of your home 24/7. And we improve response times by 70%, sending law enforcement to your home faster than any other home security system.

We never sleep. So you can.

No False Alarms.
No False Alerts.

Never stress about a mistyped passcode. Never get interrupted over what turns out to be a dog, a squirrel or a falling leaf.

You’ll only get a notification when we sense a real possible threat.

Wire-Free Seamless Setup

Simple installation, cable-free, and battery powered. Each battery lasts up to 9 months on a single charge.

Charging station is built into the hub. Fully charged battery always available.

Complete control from your smartphone, anywhere, anytime.

One American home is burglarized every 9 seconds

Don't compromise on your home security

Coming Winter 2018

  • Real-time prevention for crime
  • No one sends police faster
  • No false alarms, ever