When Criminals Get Nasty, Get Revenge

Subdue Intruders with Pepper Spray, Smoke Bombs, Strobes, and Sirens

Businesses Are Fed Up. It’s Time to Make Intruders Pay.

Smash-and-grab burglaries. Armed robberies. Shattered windows. Ram-raiding. Billions of dollars worth of goods stolen each year. Criminals are becoming more brazen and more violent. The solutions need to grow more aggressive in response.

With crime growing in frequency and severity, property owners need the ability to stop criminals for good, not just record them.


Hardcore Crime Suppression for Maximum Business Security

FlashBang is an add-on feature for Deep Sentinel’s signature live security monitoring service. Business customers with our Power-over-Ethernet system and an active subscription to our LiveSentinel guard service can add FlashBang devices to their indoor cameras.

This arsenal of crime deterrent devices impairs and suppresses even the most determined intruders.

Serious Crimes Demand
Serious Solutions

Pepper Blast

To Blind and Cause Pain

2 Step Deployment Process by Guards

Fight fire with fire. A blast of pepper spray afflicts intruders with immense pain and discomfort that lasts even after they flee the scene. It’s a non-lethal but vicious method of protecting your property that sends a strong message: don’t mess with us.

Burn Eyes
Single Canister has a spray radius of 2,000 sq ft  

Smoke Bomb

To Impair and Disorientate

2 Step Deployment Process by Guards

Thieves can’t steal what they can’t see. Within seconds of deployment, dense smoke fills your property. With limited visibility, criminals have no choice but to run. The non-toxic smoke dissipates naturally within a few hours, minimizing the impact on your normal operations.

Blind Intruders
Sq ft per Second (coming soon)

High-Decibel Sirens

Brings Crooks to a Screeching Halt

1 Step Deployment Process by Guards

This FlashBang feature takes the camera’s siren from “ear-splitting” to “soul-piercing.” A 130-dB speaker coupled with HIGH frequencies makes these sirens unbearable for any crooks who don’t turn and run.

Ultra-High Frequency
Ear Piercing Pitch

Strobe Lights

To Confuse

1 Step Deployment Process by Guards

These lights put the flash in FlashBang. Dazzlingly bright and rapidly strobing lights disorient intruders, making their best option to get out of your property as quickly as possible. Strobes are a great complement to our smoke bomb deterrent.

Impair Vision
Ultra-Bright Lights

Advanced Crime Prevention with Live Guards

Deep Sentinel’s professional guards watch criminals the moment they set foot on your property. Live guards actively monitor your security camera system and take action immediately.

How It Works

1 Cameras & AI Activate

Cameras & AI Activate

Motion wakes the security cameras, which immediately send video data to a local PoE Hub. AI rapidly separates potential threats like humans from harmless activity like passing cars.

2 Live Guards Engage

Live Guards Engage

The hub streams the live feed to a professional LiveSentinel guard, who evaluates the situation and responds instantly. Guards intervene directly using the camera’s 2-way audio.

3 FlashBang Deploys

FlashBang Deploys

A guard can use one or more FlashBang devices to halt further criminal activity. FlashBang is used to subdue and impair intruders.

4 Police Respond

Police Respond

Guards contact local law enforcement and the property owner. The police take these calls seriously because a live guard verifies real-time crime details, including suspect description and behavior.

FlashBang Security System FAQs

Who can deploy the FlashBang devices?

Deep Sentinel Live Guards can deploy FlashBang devices. Our “standard” FlashBang devices, the strobe light and ultra-loud siren, can be deployed by a single Deep Sentinel guard as part of their typical intervention protocol. Deploying pepper spray and smoke bombs requires a 2-step deployment process—a guard will initiate and a manager will deploy with approval, all within seconds.

Which cameras are compatible with FlashBang?

FlashBang will only be compatible with Deep Sentinel’s Power-over-Ethernet security cameras. Customers with wireless security camera systems may not install FlashBang devices, but they can still enjoy the benefits of our award-winning live security monitoring service.

Is FlashBang legal?

Deep Sentinel is committed to providing you with robust protection. That includes protecting your business from illegal actions. We have worked closely with our legal teams to ensure FlashBang devices are compliant with prevailing laws, and we encourage you to check your local regulations before installation as well.

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