Power-over-Ethernet Solutions

The reliability and flexibility of PoE paired with our award-winning live guard service.

Superior Color Night-Vision
2-Way Audio for Guard Engagement
Ultra 4k/8MP Video Resolution 
Crime Prevention with Live Guards


Power-over-Ethernet Security Camera Systems

The reliability and flexibility of PoE paired with our award-winning live guard service.

Superior Color Night-Vision
2-Way Audio for Guard Engagement
Ultra 4k/8MP Video Resolution 
Crime Prevention with Live Guards


The Smartest PoE Hub

The Central Brain of the PoE System packed with lightning fast fast processing and local AI security crime prevention.

icon of ai Advanced AI powered by Nvidia GPU
4TB Hard Drive 
Supports up to 20 PoE Cameras
Instant Security Alerts and Access via App
Live Crime Video Escalation to Guards


Brilliant Video & 2-Way Audio

Crisp and brilliant 2K and 4K PoE Cameras with built-in 2-way speaker & mic for real-time crime prevention.

2K and 4K PoE Cameras available
deep sentinel camera has wide field of view icon 89० to 112० Viewing Angles
2-way 97db Audio (built-in speaker and mic)
160 ft Night Vision

4K Dome Camera

  • 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) @ 20 FPS
  • 89० Viewing Angle

2K Dome Camera

  • 2K Ultra HD (2560 x 1440) @ 30 FPS
  • 112० Viewing Angle

2K Bullet Camera

  • 2K Ultra HD (2560 x 1440) @ 30 FPS
  • 114० Viewing Angle

See Our Live Virtual Guards In Action

No other PoE security camera system or video surveillance company engages faster
and provides as many features as Deep Sentinel does.

Superior Color Night Vision

Features crisp video regardless of lighting conditions or time-of-day. Starlight technology provides industry-leading low-light video performance.

other 4k camera
Other 4k Cameras
Deep Sentinel
Deep Sentinel

Control everything in a simple app

image show app home page


Get real-time notifications and action confirmations in your app

image show all security events page


View all past events without cloud storage fees

image show security system live view page


Instant streaming day and night with two-way audio for communications

image show easy to set privacy mode


You are in total control of what the guards see

PoE Cameras with Crime Prevention Guards on Duty

We have eyes on criminals from the second they step on at the front of your property. Live guards secure your home or business and proactively monitor beyond the front door and take action instantly.

2-way PoE Audio for Guard Engagement
No False Alarms
Live Guard Surveillance
icon of united states flag US Based
Live Guard Surveillance
icon of united states flag US Based

As Seen In

image of as seen in

How It Works

PoE Camera Detects Motion

Video motion detection wakes the PoE camera and it immediately starts to record video to the Hub.


Artificial Intelligence Assesses the Situation

Artificial Intelligence on the PoE Hub separates potential threats like humans from useless events such as cars driving by.

Guards Engagement & Evaluation

The PoE hub streams the live video feed to Deep Sentinel’s secure cloud. A guard assigned to the live video stream, decides whether an intervention is necessary.

Guard Intervention

Guards intervene directly using the PoE camera’s 2-way 97dB audio or built-in siren.

Law Enforcement Contacted

Guards call local law enforcement and the homeowner. Calls to law enforcement are taken seriously because LiveSentinel reports a “verified” active situation including suspect description & suspicious behavior.

PoE Security Cameras: Frequently Asked Questions

Do Power-over-Ethernet cameras require installation?

If your home or business is not already pre-wired for Power-over-Ethernet cameras, we highly recommend professional installation as the process is complex and should be left for certified Deep Sentinel installers.

If you’re interested in a Power-over-Ethernet system, we have a network of home security installers throughout the country. Give us a call and we’ll happily connect you with a local installer in your area.

How do I access my saved security footage?

Your security footage is stored in the cloud, and can be easily accessed through your Deep Sentinel mobile app. Through our app, you can also access your live security feed and communicate through your PoE security camera’s 2-way speaker the same way our live guards do.

Does my Power-over-Ethernet security camera system require internet connection?

In order to make the best use out of your PoE security cameras, you will need internet readily available at your property. Since our security cameras work hand-in-hand with live guards, we require an internet upload speed of at least 2.4mbps per camera in order to stream the footage back to our Live Sentinel center.

How quickly will a Power-over-Ethernet camera pick up a potential threat?

It varies depending on the threat posed, however, our AI will begin assessing the objects in your PoE security camera’s feed as soon as motion is detected. If a human is present on the property, the PoE security footage is instantly streamed to our live guards, who will intervene within 30 seconds and determine the right course of action.

Will Deep Sentinel Power-over-Ethernet cameras operate in poor weather?

Absolutely! Our PoE security cameras are water-resistant and can stand against extreme heat and cold. For the vast majority of metropolitan areas in the United States, hot summers and cold winters will pose no threat to our wireless cameras. 

How quickly will law enforcement officers arrive if a threat is present?

Given that response times vary wildly across the country, it is difficult to give exact response times. However, Deep Sentinel reports intruders in a way that no other security system can do, which ensures that our calls are ALWAYS taken seriously. 

All calls that are escalated to law enforcement are “verified” crimes in progress that include a full description of the suspect and their behavior.

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