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Our simple, profitable, and flexible partner program will help you grow your business by providing a crime-preventing security solution that is easy to sell, easy to install, and easy to manage. Our dedicated channel team is always there for you.

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We work with

IT Managed Service Providers

Security Dealers & Integrators

Security Guard Services

Smart Home Automation Integrators

Key Benefits


Recurring Revenue & High Margins

To help fuel your business, our compensation plan offers recurring revenue and the highest profit margins in the industry.

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Industry-Leading Technology

Provide your clients with the only security system that provides real-time crime prevention.


Customer Success & Marketing Support

Receive all the support you need to succeed. We provide dedicated marketing & sales support, with our team always here for you. 

Advantages of becoming a Deep Sentinel Authorized Partner

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  • Monthly recurring revenue from service subscriptions
  • High-profit margins from product sales
  • Exclusive product discounts
  • Discounted Not-For Resale systems
  • Dedicated support
  • Free, unlimited online technical training
  • Partner Portal for up-to-date sales & marketing materials


  • A security system that prevents crime
  • 24/7 guards that monitor and intervene in real time
  • Cutting-edge AI technology
  • Award-winning dedicated customer support
  • Wireless and hard-wired camera options

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Security Partner is Changing the Game in California

“Deep Sentinel takes video surveillance from being an after the fact evidence-gathering tool, to a tool that can be used in the DETECTION, INVERVENTION and PREVENTION of crime…in real time.”

Elliot Frutkin, CTA

“We will ensure that you have a competitive edge with a one-of-kind security system, steady and dependable program, and satisfaction that your customers will be taken care of.”


David Selinger

CEO & Co-Founder

“Deep Sentinel is a tremendous security partner that encompasses everything. A very unique product and service (that our clients love!) and a partner program with attractive funding, great upside, and top-notch support.”

Al Radi
Consolidated Security Industries

“I love Deep Sentinel and their service! My clients don’t have to wake up in the middle of the night to call the police… Deep Sentinel will call for them if they detect a potential threat. Best of all, it stops and prevents crime before it happens!”

Charles Tran
Live Mobile Technology

The Service: Live Security Guards Preventing Crime

Deep Sentinel Guards have eyes on criminals from the second they step on your property. Live guards proactively monitor and take action instantly through loud db speakers.

2-way PoE Audio for Guard Engagement
No False Alarms
Live Guard Surveillance
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Live Guard Surveillance
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Deep Sentinel Video Surveillance Products

Live Surveillance is available through multiple camera options.

Gen2 Wireless Solution

  • Completely wireless & hassle-free
  • Battery and Power plug-in built in
  • Most popular options for homes and small-to-medium businesses like shops and storefronts

PoE Camera Systems

  • Faster data transmission for 2k and 4k video quality
  • Color night vision
  • Most popular option for warehouses, construction sites, car lots, and larger commercial buildings

Third-Party Cameras

  • Integrates Deep Sentinel’s live security services with existing PoE cameras
  • Select camera models with more to be certified soon
  • Now in beta

Protect Your Customers & Build Your Recurring Revenue Stream

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