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LiveSentinel Center (LSC) Guard


We are seeking awesome experienced people with a background in monitoring, loss prevention, emergency dispatch or alarm call centers to join our small team. We are looking for people who understand the inner workings of surveillance monitoring, including the duties of calling 911 Emergency operators. Protecting our customers and giving the best protection available is our top priority.

The main function of the position of LSC guard is to provide home monitoring via cameras and, if necessary, intervene to warn off trespassers and potential thieves. LSC guards will review any events that trigger our AI security systems on the perimeter of customer’s homes. If necessary, you will contact the threat via 2-way audio in the customer’s perimeter, contact 911 emergency, or both to address the threat. Our system is designed to predict, prevent, and protect customer homes and businesses from crime by identifying threats and addressing them.


  • We are not your average security monitoring company. This position is more than just security—it is the lifeblood of the company. We are looking for someone looking to increase all of his or her skills and make a real difference in security.
  • Involves 40 hours of specialized training, specifically designed around our own unique brand of security.
  • Using our technology, you will review actual, live events and determine the plan of action: address the subject, contact 911 dispatch, trigger a siren or call the homeowner.
  • Provide internal feedback as an advocate for customers in the company: Identify and escalate priority issues, build processes to identify and avoid repeat mistakes/issues.
  • Assist in providing feedback on internal processes for managing our central security station.
  • Work with customer service teams and engineering to refine our system.


  • 1 year minimum in the security/law enforcement/emergency dispatch, surveillance.
  • Proficient in relevant computer applications (i.e. web browsing applications, email etc.)
  • Experience working with law enforcement or a law enforcement background preferred.
  • Love of technology—we are an AI and tech company. We are all geeks!
  • Type 35 WPM minimum.
  • Be proficient in communicating in stressful situations. You will be trained and tested. Calling 911 in an emergency requires calmness and clarity of thought!
  • Be comfortable using your voice! You will need to communicate to customers courteously, 911 clearly and concisely, and suspects firmly and confidently!
  • Be able to work on various shifts and work mandatory overtime.
  • Be able to work from home without distractions during the pandemic. Equipment will be provided.
  • We are looking for people who are curious by nature and willing to intervene and investigate situations without hesitation.

Software Engineer, Cloud


We are seeking a talented Software Engineer to join our small team in building a truly next-generation security system utilizing all the killer bells and whistles: deep learning, on-edge embedded AI system, hybrid-cloud, video-streaming, big data, etc. We are a tight-knit, fast-paced, high energy start-up team. This position is based in North America and focuses on the development of software that runs in our cloud and security centers.

Key skills include Python hands-on-coding in an at-scale production product, and startup-type get-it-done experience in new areas that expand your horizons. Video streaming experience would definitely be a plus.

Our ideal candidate has a passion for code, a love for a fail-fast (and work freaking hard) engineering environment, and a hunger to learn and grow. We prefer raw-intelligence over syntax-excellence, ownership over silos. And coffee over water.


  • Developing/Maintaining a robust and high-performance cloud system. This includes business logic, high-volume SOA, MQTT device communication, data synchronization.
  • Maintaining a high-bar for quality using test-driven development
  • Participating in code review, design review, story estimation, and prioritization processes
  • Collaborating with other teams: hub/embedded software developers, hardware engineers, data scientists to polish the existing functionality and build new features


  • 1+ years of experience in Software Development, or have significant open-source contributions in related fields
  • BS/MS in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or EE
  • Full stack experience (Python, React.js, SQL)
  • Advanced proficiency in Object-Oriented Design
  • A good team worker and have excellent English communication skills
  • Familiar with network architecture and protocol (e.g.: TCP, UDP, HTTP, WebSocket)
  • The Start-Up mentality


  • Distributed systems experience (MQTT, Kafka, ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ)
  • Knowledge of multimedia streaming protocols (e.g.: RTP, RTSP, WebRTC)
  • Knowledge of computer vision or deep learning

Product Manager

About the Product Manager

We are seeking a passionate product manager (3+ years experience of product management) to join our small team in building an amazing product & solution utilizing all the killer bells and whistles: deep learning, hybrid-cloud, big data, etc. The main function of the Product Manager is to work with the product and engineering teams both domestically and internationally, spanning from UX and software to firmware and hardware. This team engineers, tests, and delivers Deep Sentinel products from prototype through mass production. The product manager works with senior management to determine product strategy and owns the follow-up business product requirements, product management, and product delivery and support integration.

The right candidate gains the greatest satisfaction from building amazing technology, and is passionate about seeing it thrive in the hands of customers. She/he is technical enough to work hand-in-hand with a tech team asking questions that drive a better product.


  • Product Management; 3 years+ managing cloud/on-prem software + hardware.
  • Rich consumer-facing experience: Whether in marketing or engineering or product, the passion for consumer products oozes from your being.
  • The Start-Up mentality: The right candidate considers herself/himself to be a “get-er-done” type of person and is looking to have a huge impact at a small company. Hard work is a must, so the right person exudes positive life-giving energy from solving hard problems, working hands-on with her team. Most of all the right person gets the most energy from doing things others consider impossible. We’re going to keep the team small for the time being (lean startup mode FTW) so you must be willing to roll up your sleeves and do everything from requirements to customer support calls to executive-level debates. (PS Good news–the whole team will be like this too, and that’s the best type of team to be on.)

Electronics/IOT hardware experience strongly preferred: Experience with OEM, ODM, off-the-shelf suppliers, supply chain experience.


  • Product ownership: Owning the prioritization, development and clarification of customer-facing requirements. At Deep Sentinel, this means developing clear Business Requirements in our BRD template, developing mock-ups of screens/data/reports, verifying these with the constituents and then working with engineering to negotiate the right scope for the level of benefit.
  • Development coordination: Working with engineering to schedule in the weekly scrums, verifying test plans, bug checking, fine-grained prioritization and risk management
  • UX end-to-end: The PM is responsible for the UX of Deep Sentinel apps: Mobile apps, installer-facing tools, billing, and back-end administration consoles. You don’t have to be an artist, but be prepared to make lots of mockups.
  • Customer Support integration: Make products self-supporting: Explainer graphics, videos, knowledge base articles, troubleshooting.

Ensure high-quality engineering handoffs; How-to’s, any known issues.
Ensure customer support accepts product handoff from engineering.

  • Coordinating a global team: With offices in the US and Taiwan and consultants around the world (India, Europe, Philippines, China), work closely with the engineering and support staff to stay in lock-step with the business requirements.