Live Surveillance Guards
Protecting Your Property 24/7

Real Professional Guards Provide Real Protection

Deep Sentinel’s LiveSentinel™ surveillance guards jump into action the moment the cameras detect a security threat to your home or business. Live human involvement means real-time steps to react and respond as the situation is unfolding. In 30 seconds or less. It’s the difference between chasing after a criminal and preventing an incident outside your home.

prevent crime

“I enjoy feeling truly a part of something that’s helping keep people, homes, and businesses safe.”


LiveSentinel Guard

Fully Engaged, Real-Time Surveillance

Deep Sentinel’s surveillance guards adhere to strict standard operating procedures and rules for escalation. Nothing is left to chance.

Zero guesswork.

Zero false alarms.

Complete protection.


Once the cameras detect movement and AI filters out harmless activity, LiveSentinel surveillance guards watch and assess the live footage for suspicious behavior. Based on this assessment, the guards move forward with Deep Sentinel’s standard escalation protocols.


The surveillance guards follow a detailed set of guidelines to verify either friend or criminal and engage them via 2-way audio. When in doubt, guards can contact the homeowner for additional authentication. Guests are treated with courtesy, while criminals are stopped instantly


Police Engagement

Once the cameras detect movement and AI filters out harmless activity, LiveSentinel surveillance guards watch and assess the live footage for suspicious behavior. Based on this assessment, the guards move forward with Deep Sentinel’s standard escalation protocols.

Meet Some of the Deep Sentinel Surveillance Guards

Only professional guards can provide professional protection. Deep Sentinel hand-selects surveillance guards for their extensive security and customer service experience. Learn more about a few members of this outstanding team below.



Demetrius brings 20 years of experience in law enforcement to the guard team. He values Deep Sentinel’s sense of camaraderie and teamwork.



Denise combines her customer service expertise with Deep Sentinel training to lead the guards. She now trains new surveillance guards.



Benjamin was a U.S. Border Patrol agent for 12 years before becoming a LiveSentinel guard. His experience enhances the rich expertise on the team.



Richard has worked in security for 8 years. Before Deep Sentinel, Richard provided security for a private school and the Oakland Athletics.

Don’t Be Fooled by Other Providers


Traditional security systems like ADT and Bay Alarm are only notified after something triggers an alarm. Their monitoring centers are unable to see what is occurring at your property.

  • Reactive action, not proactive protection
  • Slow police response (if any)
  • Prone to false alarms

Mass-market security cameras like Ring and Nest often require users to self-monitor. What happens if you are in a meeting, on a plane, or busy when a criminal strikes?

  • Rely on property owner for intervention
  • Lost of annoying notifications
  • Can’t prevent crime

Alarm Brands

(ADT, Vivint, FrontPoint, etc.)

Camera Brands

(Ring, Nest, Arlo, etc.)
24/7 Live Sentinel Guards
check close close
Live Guards Talk to Intruders
30 seconds close close
Prevent Home Intrusion
Beyond front door After break-in At the front door
Prevent Package Theft
check close close
Contact Police Time
30 seconds 8-10 minutes User-dependent
Police Response
100% As verified 1-2% As verified close

Deep Sentinel Guards vs. The Other Guys

Trust the Best Surveillance Guards in the Business

Other providers hire representatives with minimal qualifications for their monitoring centers. These “guards” have little training and even less experience. When an alarm goes off at your home, they can do little (if anything) to stop a criminal from causing trouble.

Deep Sentinel does security differently. Our three-pronged approach arms the best surveillance guards in the industry with the tools and resources they need to protect you.

Better Recruitment

Better Recruitment

Better Training

Better Training

Better Technology

Better Technology

Better Recruitment Better Recruitment

Hiring Guards for Security Experience & Expertise

We don’t let just anyone protect your property. Deep Sentinel chooses guards for their extensive experience, ranging from law enforcement to physical security to military to emergency dispatch and more. Each surveillance guard adds deep industry-specific knowledge to the team.

Other security companies cut costs by outsourcing their monitoring services to any entry-level customer service rep they can hire. Not Deep Sentinel. We know your security is far too important.

Want to join the best in the business?

We are always looking for experienced security professionals!

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“Our training strategies are constantly evolving to fit the needs of our customers”


LiveSentinel Guard

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Better Training Better Training

Rigorous Training and Ongoing Development

Even the best security guards can always get better. Deep Sentinel’s pursuit of having the most skilled security team around doesn’t stop with recruitment.

Our surveillance guards receive more than 40 hours of specialized training to complement their existing expertise before they begin their duties. Then, the guards receive ongoing training so the entire team stays well-versed in current best practices. No other company provides such thorough guard training.

Standard Methods & Protocols

Job-Specific Training

Our ongoing training program instructs guards about a wide variety of job-specific topics, including suspicious behavior identification, de-escalation techniques, overcoming explicit and implicit bias, and how to engage with potential intruders via the Deep Sentinel system’s 2-way audio and HD video.

Standard Methods & Protocols

All guards learn our core methods of when to engage a suspect, what key points to make, how to speak for maximum impact, as well as standard escalation protocols:

  • Harmless activity: Dismiss
  • Unknown threat level: Continue to observe
  • Possibly suspicious behavior: Greet courteously but verify identity and intent
  • Criminal intent: Instant intervention
guard saying stop
Police badge

Law Enforcement Support

Suspect description training helps guards provide crucial details to law enforcement so the police can apprehend their suspect quickly. Guards also receive training in weapon identification (size, shape, location, etc.) versus giving useless “unknown object” alerts. The cooperation between Deep Sentinel guards and your local police is the key to catching the crooks.

Communicating with Dispatchers

Effective dispatch communication can be the difference between a caught criminal and a suspect at large. Deep Sentinel instructs guards about the latest APCO standards in public safety communication. They know how to avoid overloading the dispatcher, how to offer ongoing tactical support, and the difference between common crimes.

image of deep sentinel called police
Ongoing Improvement

Ongoing Improvement

Training at Deep Sentinel is not a “one and done” scenario. Guards are subject to ongoing evaluation daily, weekly, monthly, and annually. They undergo vital training on a continual basis, so that the team is up to the standards that Deep Sentinel customers deserve.

Better Technology Better Technology

Cutting-Edge Security Technology

Great guards with simplistic, outdated equipment can’t do much to protect you. And the most sophisticated technology is useless without the right person to operate it and act.

Deep Sentinel is far more than a video camera or a monitoring rep on a headset. Our innovative combination of sophisticated deep learning technology, crystal clear live footage, and highly skilled guards sets us apart from other security options. We arm our guards with the most advanced security technology available so they can give you ultimate protection.

Cutting-Edge Security Technology

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