Security System Comparisons

See how Deep Sentinel stacks up against other leading security providers. These security system comparisons take a deep dive into the most important features to protect your home or business.

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Residential Security Systems


ADT Alternative

ADT vs Deep Sentinel


Nest Alternative

Nest vs Deep Sentinel


SimpliSafe Alternative

SimpliSafe vs Deep Sentinel


Ring Virtual Guard Alternative

Ring Virtual Guard vs Deep Sentinel


SimpliSafe 24/7 Live Guard Alternative

SimpliSafe 24/7 Live Guard vs Deep Sentinel

Business Security Systems

Business Security Systems


Pro-Vigil Alternative

Pro-Vigil vs Deep Sentinel


Stealth Alternative

Stealth vs Deep Sentinel


Netwatch Alternative

Netwatch vs Deep Sentinel


ADT Alternative

ADT vs Deep Sentinel


Security Guards Alternative

Security Guards vs Deep Sentinel

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What Security System Features Are Most Important?


Who monitors your property, and how is it monitored? Most security systems provide passive monitoring, meaning they react after a break-in has already occurred. Proactive systems, on the other hand, prevent crimes before they happen by keeping human eyes on your property at all times and responding to threats as they arise.

Level of Engagement

How do monitoring centers react to suspicious activity? Pay attention to when they respond and their level of engagement with intruders. Most security systems never interact with intruders, so they cannot see nor hear what is occurring, which delays or prevents law enforcement from engaging.


How much does a company stand by its product? A warranty assures you that the things you buy are of good quality and don’t have manufacturing defects. Most alarm systems have a limited warranty of 1 year.


How long is your contract? Alarm monitoring contracts can last from anywhere from 1 to 5 years, but the industry standard is about 3 years.


What are you paying for? In addition to hardware costs, most traditional alarm companies charge you every month for their call center services, while some camera systems will charge you monthly for video storage.

image of live sentinel guards intervene crime

Deep Sentinel: The Only Security Option with Live Guards Included.

Imagine, a real person watching over your property, every minute of every day. That’s the power of Deep Sentinel. Our LiveSentinel™ guards stand ready to intervene the moment someone steps on your property. Enlisting highly-trained human guards means no false alarms and no guesswork, ever again.

Which security option is right for me?

Best Home Security

When it comes to protecting your home and your family, you need something simple, yet powerful. A beeping burglar alarm or a video doorbell just isn’t enough. Deep Sentinel combines artificial intelligence, live monitoring, and real-time intervention to deliver an unparalleled home security service.

That’s why we can promise the fastest response time in the industry, with none of the false alarms you’d get from a traditional security system. For homeowners, installing a wireless surveillance camera system is an easy DIY project that immediately keeps you safer than ever before.

30 seconds

To Police Contact


Best Business Security

For business owners, protecting your property means protecting your bottom line. A robust surveillance camera system keeps eyes on your entire property, inside and out, especially after hours. With Deep Sentinel’s wireless or Power-over-Ethernet cameras, you get comprehensive around-the-clock protection and the fastest possible police response.

All that for a fraction of the cost of hiring security guards. Plus, with shorter contract terms than other business security providers and the enhanced coverage of equipment warranties, you can feel good about choosing Deep Sentinel to protect your business.

Fastest Response Time

In The Industry


30 seconds

To Police Contact


Fastest Response Time

In The Industry


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