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“Deep Sentinel’s hardware is excellent, and the LiveSentinel guards are friendly and on top of their game.”

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“After seeing a demo of the system, it makes all other security cameras seem rudimentary”

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“Excellent first line of defense against intruders, thieves, and any other unwanted visitors.”



Press Coverage

CBS NEWS | 12/09/2021

Tips on Thwarting Holiday Season Package Theft

Vator News Podcast | 11/22/2021

Combining AI and Human Intervention to Help Detect Threats and Deter Crime

Behind The Studs Podcast | 11/18/2021

A.I. Technology and Home Security with Deep Sentinel

NerdTechy | 11/10/2021

Deep Sentinel Wireless Home Security Review

Around The House Podcast | 11/06/2021

The World’s First AI Proactive Home Security

NBC News | 11/04/2021

Bay Area Private Security Company Says They Can’t Keep Up With Demand

KGO 810 Radio | 7/10/2021

What Should You Do If Your Package Is Stolen?

ABC7 Bay area News | 6/29/2021

Deep Sentinel’s Next-Generation Systems Featured on ABC7 News

PRNEWSWIRE | 4/21/2021

Deep Sentinel’s AI Now Stops Crime Using POE Cameras

FORBES | 2/28/2021

A Wave Of Billion-Dollar Computer Vision Startups Is Coming

GEARBRAIN | 9/18/2020

A smart home security system with real human guards

PCMAG | 6/11/2020

Outdoor security cameras with live guards monitoring your home in real-time

Newswire | 5/19/2020

Deep Sentinel Launches Partner Program for Security Integrators, IT Managed Service Providers and AV Dealers

Digital Journal | 5/19/2020

Deep Sentinel Launches Partner Program

APNews | 5/19/2020

Deep Sentinel Launches Partner Program for Security Integrators, IT Managed Service Providers and AV Dealers

Channele2e | 5/19/2020

Deep Sentinel CRO Talked about the new Partner Program

Gadget User | 3/16/2020

Gadget Enthusiasts Review Deep Sentinel’s Trustworthy Security System

VentureBeat | 3/3/2020

Nationwide invests in Deep Sentinel for business security service

IT Security News| 3/3/2020

Nationwide invests in Deep Sentinel for business security service

Security Informed| 3/3/2020

Deep Sentinel For Business Launched To Protect Company Premises After-hours For SMEs

Pleasanton Weekly| 3/3/2020

Pleasanton-based security company announces its system for businesses

Intrado| 3/3/2020

Deep Sentinel Launches Business Security Service to Protect Company Premises After-Hours

OkDork | 2/13/2020

Early Amazon Employee’s New BIG Thing for Home Security

Tom’s Guide | 1/31/2020

Best home security cameras 2020

The Techpl | 1/21/2020

Deep Sentinel Home Security Camera Somebody’s Watching

USA Today | 1/21/2020

Home Security Camera 24/7 Monitoring Crime Verification Guide Launched

Business Wire | 12/19/2019

Deep Sentinel Offers Security Lifeline to Abandoned Time Warner Customers

Newswire Network | 10/15/2019

Home Security System AI and Human Intervention Fast Response Report Launched

Tom’s Guide | 10/8/2019

Deep Sentinel Home Security Camera Review: Somebody’s Always Watching

TechHive | 8/16/2019

Deep Sentinel Home Security review: More than just cameras that document crime, this system actively deters it

The Mercury News | 7/11/2019

Magid: A virtual security guard for your home

Renton Reporter | 3/29/2019

Skyway family uses AI security system to stop potential intruder

ideating | 3/17/2019

Keep your Home & Family Safe with the Best Outdoor WiFi Security Cameras

Security Baron | 1/17/2019

Deep Sentinel Unleashes Home Security System

Electronics Weekly | 1/16/2019

The AI 100

Tom’s Guide | 1/15/2019

The best DIY smart home security systems of 2019

BuzzFeed | 1/14/2019

Artificial Intelligence Security System

Forbes | 1/14/2019

Humanity AI

Steemit | 1/13/2019

Deep Sentinel – Smart Home Surveillance

iHLS | 1/12/2019

Innovative Security Technologies Showcased at CES

CNET | 1/10/2019

Deep Sentinel Smart Home Surveillance System

Yanko Design | 1/10/2019

These security cameras are monitored by AI as well as a human surveillance team

The Coolector | 1/10/2019

Deep Sentinel Security System

Hi Consumption | 1/9/2019

Deep Sentinel Smart Home Security System

Gadget Gram | 1/9/2019

Deep Sentinel Home Security System Predicts Burglaries

Sillicon Beat | 1/9/2019

Early Stage: Software that can tell a friendly neighbor from a criminal

BOH | 1/8/2019

Amazon’s virtual living room, Lisa Rickert’s paint startup, remembering William Meyer, and more

The Architecture Club | 1/8/2019

AI-powered home security system is designed to reduce false alarms

Home crux | 1/8/2019

Video Doorbells and Smart Locks Beefing up Home Security at CES 2019

Pleasanton Weekly | 1/8/2019

A Beta Success for Deep Sentinel

Inside Hook | 1/7/2019

This Intimidatingly Smart Home Security System Is Backed By Jeff Bezos

Trend Hunter | 1/7/2019

The Deep Sentinel Security System Harnesses AI and Humans to Protect

Consumer Reports | 1/6/2019

New Wireless Security Cameras Vie to Protect Your Home

Fast Company | 1/4/2019

This Jeff Bezos-backed security cam is designed to scare criminals

Digital Trends | 1/4/2019

Deep Sentinel home security system predicts break-ins before they happen

Yahoo | 12/21/2018

The insanely cool smart home tech that’s coming out in 2019

Forbes | 12/17/2018

7 AI-Enabled Gift Ideas For Everyone On Your List

Security Informed | 10/9/2018

Deep Sentinel Highlights The Risk To Lives Of 10M US Citizens Due To Lack Of Response To Home Security Alarms

EPN | 8/13/2018

Don’t Compromise On Your Home Security

Future Tech Podcast | 6/29/2018

Crime Busters – David Selinger, Founder, Deep Sentinel – How Advanced Artificial Intelligence & Camera Technology Are Retooling Home Security