Deep Sentinel Professional Installation

No time or desire for DIY Installation?
Leave it up to licensed installers to handle it.

How does Professional Installation Work? 


We will match you with a licensed professional installer in your area.


Sit back and relax! The professionals will fully install your Deep Sentinel system.

What’s Included with Installation? 

  Site Walkthrough – the professionals can provide recommendations for camera placements

  Full Installation – setting up the app, getting LiveSentinel service online, and installing cameras around the home

  Additional service – Cat5/Cat6 wiring for PoE, or mesh network/Wifi Booster installation

  Guaranteed Warranty – Installation warranty guaranteed by the installers, product warranty guaranteed by Deep Sentinel


Q: Who are Deep Sentinel Licensed Installers?
A: Deep Sentinel has an extensive network of installers in many of the major metro areas around the US. These installers are certified in the Deep Sentinel product lines and installation process.

Q: How much does installation cost?
A: Installation costs can vary on a per installer basis and dependent on location. In general, you can expect an average of $100 – $150 per hour for labor. To receive an exact quote a Deep Sentinel Sales Representative would be happy to connect you with an installer in your area.

Q: Where are installation services available?
A: Installation services are available in the US only.