Pet Pig Prevents Home Burglary

Photo: ABC News

CrimeWatch Indianapolis

Burglars Startled by Full-Grown Hog in the House

Don’t tell this home burglary hero not to hog the spotlight. Because he just happens to be a hog. And he handily convinced some would-be burglars to turn tail and run without taking a thing.

Police in Indianapolis speculate that some thieves had second thoughts when they saw the full-grown swine barreling towards them.  Two other nearby homes with no pet pig to protect the premises were robbed that same day, presumably by the same perpetrators, media reports state. No arrests have yet been made.

Pollice found the back door to the home completely kicked in with its glass window shattered. And Dumplin’, the family’s pet pig, was there standing his ground.

Family Not Home During Break-In

It is unclear whether Dumplin’ ran to the door to defend the home or because he thought the noise meant his family had come back and he wanted to greet them.  Dumpin’s owner, a single mother with four children, is thankful whatever the reason the pig was at the door, his presence prompted the burglars to leave. She is also thankful that she and her children were not home during the break-in.

“It’s scary to think about what if my kids and I would have been home,” she told reporters from ABC News and other media sources. “Yeah, it’s definitely terrifying. You don’t want anything like that to happen.”  She also expressed relief that the pig wasn’t harmed during the incident.

The homeowner, who asked not to be identified, said she and her children and Dumplin’ had moved into the house on Indianapolis’s east side just a few weeks ago after she purchased it.  Now, she says, she has a bit of buyer’s remorse about the home being in what seems to be a high crime area.

“I guess it’s something that I should have looked into,” the homeowner said. “I didn’t think about it. I was excited to be buying my first home.”

Homeowner Adopted Pet Pig as a Rescue

The homeowner told reporters that she had adopted the full-grown pig as a rescue earlier this year. “The moment I saw him I knew. He loved me instantly. He’s perfect. He’s the perfect animal,” she said.

Now she is encouraging others to also adopt pet pigs from animal shelters. People often purchase pigs as pets, especially so-called “teacup pigs” and then find they cannot properly care for them; especially as the animals grow to full-size. Because of the recent Instagram popularity of miniature pigs, there are now many abandoned pigs in animal shelters in need of new homes.

PETA interestingly has jumped on this story about a pig preventing a home burglary to promote the adoption of full grown pigs as family pets.

“Considered by animal behaviorists to be smarter than dogs, pigs are clever animals who are also friendly, loyal, and intelligent. They’re naturally very clean and avoid soiling their living areas,” the animal rights group says on their website blog.

While we at Deep Sentinel whole-heartedly agree about adopting a smart pig for a family pet, we think when it comes to protecting your home, you should rely on a smart home security system like ours.

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Arrested Teen Burglar Sought Internet Passwords

17-Year-Old Demanded Passwords at Two Homes

Teens and their internet use, right? Texting, games, Snapchat, Spotify. All that uses a lot of data and teens always seem to need more. One teen in the heart of Silicon Valley wanted more data so badly that he was reportedly willing to steal it.

Police arrested a 17-year-old in Palo Alto for allegedly trespassing at two homes and demanding internet passwords from the startled residents.

The teen, whose identity has not been released, faces charges for a number of crimes he is accused of committing in his quest for a new wi-fi connection, according to USAToday.

Suspect Told Residents He’d Run Out of Data

The first incident occurred sometime between late Saturday night and early Sunday morning. The arrested teen is suspected of standing outside of a Palo Alto home and demanding the residents’ give him their internet password.

When they refused, he is said to have left on a bicycle. As he rode away, he explained to the residents that he wanted to use their internet because he’d run out of data. A surveillance video shows that the suspect stole the bicycle before he asked the residents for their Wi-Fi password. The residents did not realize he had stolen their bicycle until they noticed it missing the following morning.

Second Couple Also Refused to Yield Their Password

A little while later, shortly after midnight on Sunday, the suspect entered the bedroom of a nearby home and woke up sleeping occupants. He also asked this couple for their internet password. The male resident, a man in his 60s, became angry according to an account in the San Francisco Chronicle.

He got out of bed and shoved the teen out of the bedroom. He then “pushed him down the hallway and out the front door of the house before calling police,” the police statement reported in the media states.

Police investigating the incident conclude that the suspect entered the home through an open window after first cutting a hole in the window screen.

No one was hurt but it might have been otherwise. If the home had been equipped with Deep Sentinel’s powerful AI-enhanced home security system, our 24-hour security staff would have questioned the teen through a speaker camera. He probably would have fled without entering the home.

Suspect Held at Juvenile Hall

Police caught the suspect about a block away from the second home. They arrested him without incident. No injuries were reported.

The Wi-Fi password seeker is charged with residential burglary, prowling and providing false information to an officer (police say he tried to give them a fake identity). He is being held in the Santa Clara County Juvenile Hall.

“I survived the first four decades of my life without any data at all,” quipped one of many commenters to a media article about the incident.

Suburban Mom Porch Thief Stole Because She Was “Bored”

CrimeWatch Ohio

Suburban Mom Porch Thief Apologizes for Spree

A 30-year-old suburban mom turned porch thief recently issued a public apology for her July porch pirating spree. The stay-at-home mom identified in media reports as Melissa Bergman claims she stole packages from her neighbors’ porches because she was “bored.”

Bergman drove around her upscale neighborhood in a minivan in broad daylight, sometimes with her two young children on board, looking for packages to steal.

She told reporters in interviews that she stole the packages for a thrill not because she wanted the items or needed to sell them to earn money.

It is estimated Bergman stole 12 to 28 packages from 12 homes in her Mason, Ohio neighborhood during a two-day spree. Mason is a suburb of Cincinnati.

Bergman reportedly lived with her husband and two children in a house worth $475,00 in a town where, according to real estate website Zillow, the average 3-bedroom home sells for around $160,000.

“I feel like I had everything that any woman would ever want,” Bergman told local media station WLWT5.

Yet Bergman, a U.S. army veteran who served in Afghanistan, said inside she despaired that her life was going “nowhere.” She said, “I felt like I had nothing to look forward to in life.”

Police Catch Porch Thief Mom Red-Handed

The porch thief mom’s package-nabbing spree ended abruptly when local police officers driving by happened to catch her in the act of taking a package.

Unknown to Bergman, a victimized home owner’s security camera had captured an image of her vehicle.  The photo was sent to the police. Her license plate matched the one in the photo. They found multiple packages inside her minivan that she had just taken from area porches. They arrested her.

She was found guilty of 12 counts of misdemeanor theft and sentenced to serve 30 days. Although Bergman pleaded insanity, the court decided she was sane enough to know right from wrong.

In an interview with Fox and other media reporters, she said that she began stealing after being released from the hospital following a suicide attempt.

Misdelivered Package Started Spree

It started when she brought a package delivered to her home by mistake to the neighbor it was intended for. He took the package she handed to him, but she noticed after he closed the door that there were several other packages on his porch. So, she took one.

Enjoying the thrill, she started stealing other packages pulling into driveways with no regard for security cameras or the presence of her young children.

Following her arrest for porch package thievery, she was arrested for stealing and using the credit card of a man she reportedly met in a hotel. For this offense she was ordered to attend an intervention program for veterans. She says she has been told she has PTSD and stole to replace the excitement of her military career in Afghanistan.

Suburban Porch Thief Mom Loses Husband and Kids

Although she complied with a court order to post an apology to the community on Facebook, not everyone is forgiving her. Bergman’s husband plans to divorce her, and she has lost custody of her children, People Magazine reports.

Other people remain upset that they never got back their stolen property despite Bergman telling reporters that she helped police match packages with intended recipients.

But Bergman says that losing nearly everything and confronting her crimes will ultimately help her turn her life around. She has moved out of the area.

Porch thieves continue to be a widespread problem and can be chased off by Deep Sentinel, a new artificial intelligence-assisted home security system.

Girl Grabs Kitchen Knife to Scare Away Burglar

CrimeWatch Florida

12-Year-Old Girl Scares Away Burglar

A quick-thinking 12-year-old girl grabbed a kitchen knife and scared away a burglar from her family’s Florida home.

It was summer vacation and Paris Hall was sleeping in on Monday morning at her grandparents’ Lake Wales FL home. They had gone to work and she was home alone. Suddenly at about 9 am a bright light woke her. Someone had turned on the overhead light in her room. In disbelief, she sat up and saw a strange man tinkering with the television set on the dresser. When she questioned him, he reportedly told her that he had left his phone in the home and his uncle had said he could look for it. In her groggy state, the girl thought perhaps her grandfather might be the man’s uncle.  She told him that because she didn’t know him, she wanted him to leave.

The man headed downstairs and she heard the door shut.  Going downstairs herself to make sure he was indeed gone, she noticed a kitchen window was shattered.

“I put two and two together and figured my granddad wasn’t his uncle,” Paris told ABC Action News. “I was very scared at that point. I didn’t know what to do.”

Burglar Tried to Entice Girl Outside

Paris called her grandfather who urged her to immediately go to a neighbor’s home for safety and call 911.

“I’m telling her, go to the neighbor’s house, go to the neighbor’s house!” her grandfather Samuel Lamb told local media station WFLA. He said he jumped in the car and rushed home. “My drive felt like an hour. I was just thinking on the ride, I have to come home and I don’t know what’s going happen.”

What happened was that Paris attempted to do exactly as her grandfather had told her to do. But as she neared the front door, she saw the alleged burglar standing in the front yard waiting for her.

She told reporters that he saw her in the doorway and called to her. He asked her what time her parents would get home. He also invited her to come outside and “chill” with him.

Hearing that, Paris dashed to the kitchen, quickly grabbed the biggest knife she could find. She re-emerged at the front door with the knife pointed at the man saying she did not want to go outside and chill with him and that he had better leave immediately. Seeing the knife, he fled.

Scared Away Burglar Remains At Large

Once she realized that she had succeeded in scaring away the burglar, Paris allowed herself to panic. She ran to the neighbor’s house and called the police. She said by then her heart was pounding and she was crying. Her grandfather who arrived on the scene told media representatives that he is very thankful she was able to hold her fear in check and did not scream or cry during the incident. He said that is likely that things might have turned out otherwise and far worse had she shown fear.

Now Paris is afraid to be alone in the home and or sleep in a room by herself. Although the suspect remains at large, she is hopeful he will be caught by the police soon.

Anyone with information about this crime is asked to please call the local police at (863) 678-4223 extension 265 or Heartland Crime Stoppers at (800) 226-8477.

At Deep Sentinel, we applaud this girl’s bravery and are thankful for her safety. But as her grandfather noted it could easily have turned out differently. With a state-of-the-art home security system like Deep Sentinel that combines artificial intelligence surveillance with human intervention, the police could have been alerted as soon as the burglar shattered the window. Contact Deep Sentinel and order yours.

Suspected Serial Burglar Arrested

CrimeWatch Oregon

Serial Burglary Suspect Tied to 8 Home Robberies

Police arrested a suspected serial burglar believed to be responsible for robbing eight homes in the Portland OR area.  The robberies occurred in Tigard, a suburb 20 minutes south of Portland and considered to be part of the Portland metro area.

Police initially contacted the suspect, 55-year-old Ronald Lee Dickinson, because of a harassment complaint against him, according to media reports. While interviewing him, a police detective realized he may be the one responsible for the recent rash of residential burglaries. The first burglary occurred on May 9 with additional burglaries reported through June 25. All eight burglarized homes are located near a major thoroughfare through town called Hall Boulevard.

Homes Robbed During Daylight Hours

The suspected serial burglar appeared to have a pattern. He allegedly burglarized most of the homes during daylight hours while the residents were at work. Victims told police that the daytime burglar forced entry into their homes, often by breaking a window.

The serial burglar stole jewelry, electronics, and cash from the homes. In one instance, a gun was stolen. As of yet, none of the items have been located.

Suspect Arrested for Two Burglaries in 2014

Records show that Dickinson, the serial burglary suspect, was arrested under suspicion of robbing two homes in 2014. These burglaries also occurred in Tigard. A media report from that time says that Dickinson cooked himself a meal, did laundry and then took a nap in one of the homes.

He was caught when a neighbor in the second burglarized home heard the sound of shattering glass as the suspect broke a window to gain entry. The neighbor then saw someone they did not recognize leaving the home and called 911. Based on the neighbor’s description, police soon apprehended the suspect.

The current local police report states, “Dickinson is presently lodged in the Washington County Jail on charges of: 7 counts of Burglary I; Attempted Burglary; 2 counts of Felon in Possession of a Firearm; Disorderly Conduct and Parole Violation.”

A smart home security system like Deep Sentinel immediately alerts 24-hour security staff who can call police to the home within minutes if they see an intruder. Find out how you can protect your family and home with Deep Sentinel.

Home Invasion Thieves Push Child Under Water

CrimeWatch Houston

Home Invasion Thieves Brutalize 7-Year-Old to Get Money from Parents

In a brutal home invasion crime that has shocked local law enforcement officers, three masked suspects broke into a Houston area home on Monday, June 25 and brutalized a 7-year-old boy. While the terrified child screamed, one of the criminals repeatedly dunked his head under water demanding to know where the child’s family kept their cash. Another of the criminals who had pistol-whipped the boy’s father, held both parents at gunpoint during the child’s ordeal.

The child, his 5-year-old sibling and parents were taken to an urgent care center with injuries after the hour-long ordeal ended and the home invaders fled.

Home Invaders First Attacked Child’s Father

Fort Bend County deputies were called to come to the urgent care center around 3 a.m. to see the victims of what was termed “a very violent robbery.” It was then they learned about what had happened to the family. They told media reporters that three masked home invaders busted into the home during the night while the family of four were asleep. The boy was later transferred to a nearby medical center for treatment for fluid in his lungs, reports state. He has since been released.

“What’s really appalling about this,” Sheriff Troy Nehls told local media reporters at a press conference, “is that when the father told them there was no money, they went for the boy.”

The home invaders forced their way into the home through the front door at about 1:30 a.m.  First, they attacked the father who is also the homeowner. Then they turned on the boy while his parents screamed.

Home Invasion Suspects May Have Targeted Victims

Police say they have both audio and video footage of the crime in progress. The family’s ordeal lasted about an hour. It ended with the suspects jumping into a waiting car driven by a fourth suspect. They escaped with jewelry, cash and the family’s phones, according to news reports.

Police believe the family was targeted for a home invasion robbery because the father is a small business owner and was thought to keep large sums of cash in the home.

The homeowner’s brother Mohammed Ghiri told media reporters that he became concerned when his brother did not show up for work the next day. Once he found out what had happened he rushed to see the family and was horrified by the bloody gash wound on his brother’s head.

Police Seek Public Help in Finding the Suspects

Police describe the crime as evil and are determined to get those responsible off the streets. They seek the public’s help in finding the criminals who remain at large. Although the three suspects faces were masked, they were wearing distinctive Nike Air Jordan brand athletic shoes, according to the police description. People are asked to call Fort Bend Crime Stoppers Inc. at (281) 342-TIPS (8477).  Anyone also can submit a tip online at  A $25,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of the suspects.

Although the family’s home surveillance video footage can provide evidence now that the crime has occurred, it was a passive system that did not aid the family during the home invasion. Deep Sentinel’s home security system activates a unique combination of artificial intelligence and live security personnel to summon police to your home within minutes. Read more about it here.