Backyard Security: Keeping Your Yard Safe from Intruders

by | Jul 26, 2022

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Ever heard the phrase “slip out the back door”? When talking about home security, it highlights something we all intuitively understand: you can’t catch what you can’t see. That’s the simplest case for why a backyard security system is essential. But what does protecting your yard entail?

We’ll dive into the how and why of backyard security system implementation. But first, we should consider a related benefit of protecting the rear of your property. That is, protecting everything within the boundaries of your backyard as well.

The Importance of Backyard Security

In an effort to make your home secure, you’re also ensuring big-ticket items in your backyard are safe. Many people consider their backyard a sanctuary of sorts, complete with grills, sculptures, and comfortable outdoor furniture. Others use the space for extra storage, with utility sheds that house mowers, blowers, trimmers, bikes, and more. All of these are tempting targets for would-be burglars.

Preventing the theft of these prized possessions will not only eliminate the headache of replacing the items but also minimize the psychological hurdles of becoming a victim of theft. There is a deep-seated fear associated with an intruder gaining access to the interior of your home. It’s such an intimate, personal space. Anyone who has experienced theft or burglary can tell you that they felt violated, regardless of whether it was inside the home or outside.

In How to Deter Burglars and Thieves: Top 5 Ways, we looked at vulnerabilities a home may have when a burglar attempts to gain entry. One of the main takeaways? Criminals feel most comfortable making their attempts from places of concealment. Think about your own backyard. Is it exposed to public view? If not, you’re giving a thief ways to hide. Consider some of these backyard security ideas.

Secure the Perimeter

If a layered system of security is standard practice for the U.S. military, it should be good enough for the rest of us. A backyard security fence is a great place to start if the terrain permits it. Now, a non-scalable security fence isn’t exactly a financial possibility for everyone, so that’s not a hard and fast recommendation. Although that would be ideal, it just isn’t practical for many of us. Something most people can save for in a reasonable amount of time is a 6-foot privacy fence that offers some security elements you’re looking for.

First, the fence adds a visible barrier that obstructs a criminal’s line of sight. Most won’t go hopping into back yards without knowing what’s there first. In addition, a 6-foot privacy fence is, although not impossible, rather difficult to scale without being seen or looking suspicious.

Nearly all backyards have an access point apart from the backdoor. Adding a self-closing lock to this fence door is wise. You should place the lock on the inside of the fence, which makes it difficult to reach from the outside. Remember to avoid making any holes or gaps in the fence near the locking mechanism so someone can’t reach through the fence to disengage it.

Still wondering, “what can I put on my fence to stop burglars?” You could try…

Ample Lighting

Motion-activated floodlights are a fantastic addition to your backyard security system. Even if you have lights in your backyard, they likely aren’t enough to deter a burglar. Many homes only have landscape lighting, accent lighting, or a soft light source that’s used while entertaining guests. Each of these types of lighting fails to deter burglars for a few reasons.

A motion-activated light will remain on as long as there is movement within a designated zone. That means a burglar won’t be able to make a move without being seen. Overlapping a series of motion-activated lights will eliminate any dark corners of the yard where a criminal could seek cover.

In general, a motion-activated security light is far brighter than landscape, accent, or entertainment lighting. More illumination makes it harder to avoid detection. Since the human eye is not well adapted for dark conditions, a criminal will find it much easier to hide in a dimly lit area.

You shouldn’t shy away from using other types of lighting to illuminate your yard. However, it’s smart to use a motion-activated light in addition to these other light sources to minimize the threat of burglary. If you’re a DIY guru, check out Deep Sentinel’s guide to DIY Security Light Installation.

Backyard Security System

By definition, a security system relies on multiple tactics. Much like protecting a “high-value target,” you should employ multiple strategies, tactics, and tools to keep criminals at bay. In addition to a solid perimeter and ample lighting throughout your backyard oasis, you should install a monitored system that works in tandem with these other home security tools.

An essential component of your backyard security system is a high-quality surveillance system. Ideally, it should not only record activity in the “hidden” areas of your property but also actively deter a burglar from attempting to make entry.

Most commonly available home security cameras will suffice if you’re interested in simply recording a break-in attempt. These cameras offer a recording service that captures footage and stores it for later use, such as handing it over to the authorities. However, Deep Sentinel takes a more proactive approach. The live-monitored camera system prevents security breaches by using AI and remote surveillance guards to confront suspicious visitors in real-time.

Ultimately, the backyard security ideas here are a starting point. The security of your home depends on you taking action. Proactive measures like these stop a burglary attempt before it happens. If nothing else, you now have a few options you can integrate into your current home security plan.

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