Meet the Deep Sentinel Guards: Benjamin

by | Oct 10, 2022

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Home security is only as effective as the person who’s protecting you. Let’s say you use a traditional “live monitored” alarm system like ADT. Do you ever stop to think about who’s monitoring your home? Chances are, they’re not the experts you think they are. Many security companies fill their monitoring centers with entry-level reps and train them to make phone calls. That’s about it. Cost-effective for the provider? Absolutely. Effective for your security? Not exactly.

Deep Sentinel’s live security service does it right. Our surveillance guards are hand-picked for their experience as security guards, law enforcement, members of the armed forces, and more. Then, they receive extensive and ongoing training that is specific to their role and duties at Deep Sentinel. All this ensures that our customers get unmatched protection that’s far more powerful than simply calling to ask about a tripped sensor. Our guards respond and react in real time to stop crime outside your home.

We’d like you to meet the security professionals who make up our Live Sentinel Center (LSC) team. Let’s chat with Benjamin, one of the surveillance guards at Deep Sentinel and a self-professed “boots on the ground kind of guy.”

Q&A with Benjamin, a Deep Sentinel Guard

Deep Sentinel: Tell us about your professional background.

Benjamin: I am a retired U.S. Border Patrol Agent. I worked for Border Patrol for 12 years. A similarity between that work and my role with Deep Sentinel is that I manned a camera room full of day and thermal night cameras, watching for illegal activity.

DS: How do you know when to intervene and what to do?

Benjamin: Deep Sentinel helped refresh my knowledge of suspicious and non-suspicious behaviors. I know when to intervene from my previous law enforcement experience and from training with Deep Sentinel.

DS: Why did you choose to work for Deep Sentinel?

Benjamin: I chose to work for Deep Sentinel because I wanted to continue working in a job where I can help stop and prevent crime. The work is rewarding.

I know there are other guards with law enforcement experience, so that’s nice, knowing there are other guards with similar expertise. It’s nice to work with other individuals who are dedicated to helping keep communities safer.

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