Skip Bedell: My Top 4 Safety Devices for 2024

by | Jun 28, 2024

Skip Bedell: My Top 4 Safety Devices
In an ever-evolving world, ensuring your home and personal safety is more crucial than ever. With that in mind, we talked to home improvement expert and TV personality Skip Bedell about the products he recommends for staying safe. Skip curated a list of the top safety devices for 2024 that can help keep you and your loved ones secure.

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Skip’s Recommended Safety Devices

From innovative home security systems to personal safety gadgets, here are Skip Bedell’s recommendations.

1. Deep Sentinel Home Security System

A Deep Sentinel hub and camera

Why It’s a Top Pick: Deep Sentinel’s video surveillance system stands out for its real-time human intervention feature. Unlike traditional security systems that merely alert you to an intrusion, Deep Sentinel uses live guards to intervene. This proactive approach ensures that potential threats are addressed before they can escalate.

What Skip Says: “It’s the highest-tech camera system that’s available out there on the market. You’re getting a 24/7 security guard. With this, they’re going to tell the police it’s an active situation. It’s the fastest response time available.”

Key Features:

  • AI-driven cameras with live security monitoring
  • Advanced motion detection and two-way audio
  • Easy installation and user-friendly mobile app

Ideal For: Homeowners (and business owners) who want the highest level of security with immediate response capabilities.

2. MB Sentinel’s Box Gobbler

MB Sentinel Box Gobbler

Why It’s a Top Pick: The Box Gobbler solves the common problem of package theft. It provides a secure delivery solution, turning any garage or mailroom into a safe place for deliveries. You never have to worry about being home to intercept an important package.

What Skip Says: “This is genius. Think about the thieves strolling around the neighborhood. When they see that pile of packages, it’s luring them to the porch. Now you don’t have to be home if you’re going to receive a delivery.”

Key Features:

  • Ideal for both single and multi-family homes
  • Subtle, sleek designs to fit any aesthetic
  • Made in the USA

Ideal For: Anyone concerned about package theft and looking for a secure delivery solution with staying power.

3. Door Armor Max Combo Set by Armor Concepts

Door Armor Max Combo Set

Why It’s a Top Pick: Door Armor reinforces the most vulnerable parts of your doors, significantly increasing their resistance to break-ins. It’s an essential layer of home defense—impeding criminals outside your home.

What Skip Says: “This is tested by sheriff’s departments around the world with battering rams. They can hit this thing for 20 minutes, and they’re not going through. It’s unbelievable.”

Key Features:

  • Reinforces doorjambs, locks, and hinges
  • Easy DIY installation
  • Backed by a $500 lifetime warranty

Ideal For: Property owners wanting to strengthen their doors—especially for properties that remain vacant for extended periods.

4. SABRE Smart Pepper Spray

SABRE Smart Pepper Spray

Why It’s a Top Pick: SABRE’s smart pepper spray integrates Bluetooth technology. This allows it to send location alerts to trusted contacts when deployed, ensuring you’re never alone in an emergency.

What Skip Says: “This is what SABRE is really famous for. They make the world’s best pepper sprays. But this is something different from any others. If you deploy this, people on your list are going to get a notification. It also notifies police with live GPS tracking.”

Key Features:

  • Real-time GPS tracking and alerts
  • Refillable and rechargeable
  • Includes a practice spray for better preparedness

Ideal For: Individuals seeking smart, high-tech personal safety devices for emergencies.

Stay Protected with Expert-Approved Safety Gadgets

Investing in these top safety devices can provide peace of mind. Whether you’re at home or on the go, Skip Bedell has recommendations to ensure that you can stay protected. See more details about Skip’s recommendations on his website.

Thanks, Skip!

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Deep SentinelA

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