How To Prevent Amazon Package Thefts

by | Apr 1, 2022 | Blogs

As we enter the 2021 holiday season, many of us are worried about porch pirates and package thefts. Considering how many people are shopping online, it’s an easy time for criminals to target Amazon packages. There’s no need to worry, as we’ve got a number of solutions for anyone who is looking to prevent their Amazon packages from being stolen. 

Use An Amazon Locker

The easiest, and most foolproof way to protect your Amazon packages is by utilizing an Amazon Locker. Amazon has placed thousands of secure lockers at convenient locations across the United States — you can likely find one at your nearest grocery or convenience store, but they’ve also set up locations at various apartment complexes and universities. Amazon will store your packages in a lockbox, and provide you with a custom security code for contactless pickup. The whole process is self-serve, and the majority of their lockbox locations are open 24 hours so you can grab your packages whenever it is convenient for you. 

Use Alternative Pickup Options

USPS, FedEx and UPS all have alternative pickup and delivery options available. Similar to an Amazon Locker, these postal carriers will hold your Amazon packages at your local office until you’re able to pick them up. Visit their websites to explore your options and update your delivery preferences. You can also sign up for delivery alerts to track your package and stay up-to-date on delivery times.

Require A Signature

Of course, another easy option is to simply require a signature for your Amazon packages. The only downfall to this is that Amazon prime packages will not always allow you to request a signature, and you’ll have to be home when the delivery takes place. Given that a lot of the workforce is back in the office now, it’s much more difficult to make yourself available at the exact time of your delivery.

Send Your Package To Work

As mentioned above, if you’ve shifted from remote work back to the office, a great way to prevent Amazon package thefts is delivering them directly to your workplace. Since you know you’ll be at your desk during the delivery route, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your packages have been handed-off safely. Before you decide to have your Amazon packages delivered at work, check in with your company and ensure that it is allowed.  

Install A Live Monitored Security System

If you don’t feel like rerouting your Amazon packages to a different location and prefer to keep your deliveries on your porch, we recommend installing a live-monitored security system. Although live-monitoring comes with a monthly fee, you can have peace of mind knowing that someone will keep their eye on your Amazon packages until you’re able to bring them inside. With Deep Sentinel’s 24/7 virtual guards, you’ll get an instant notification once your Amazon package is delivered, and a live guard will monitor the package until you’ve arrived. 

Ask Your Neighbor

Most people have a neighbor who is usually always home. If you’re lucky enough to have a neighbor like this, we advise you to befriend them and enlist their help. Having a neighbor stop by and grab your Amazon packages is a great way to ensure that they will not be stolen — just be sure to repay the favor when you get a chance! 

In summary, there’s a number of different ways to prevent your Amazon packages from being stolen. If you’re willing to go out of your way to pick them up, you can have them held at your local postal carrier, or shipped to an Amazon locker nearby. Of course if you’re looking for convenience and peace of mind, just install a live video surveillance camera and your Amazon packages will be securely waiting for you when you get home.

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