Apple & the AI in iOS 18: Our Take

by | Jun 20, 2024

Apple's Use of AI - Deep Sentinel's Take

When Apple speaks, the tech world listens. And sometimes, the tech world responds. Apple’s latest iOS release is sparking conversations among consumers and technology experts alike, particularly the new AI features. Here’s what Deep Sentinel’s top AI minds have to say about iOS 18 and Apple’s use of AI.

iOS 18 AI Features

Apple’s latest AI capabilities are woven into iOS 18. According to Apple’s announcement, the release enables compatible devices to learn and adapt to the user’s daily routines, preferences, and habits.

This so-called “Apple Intelligence” powers Apple’s Pro-level phones. As one article boldly claims, the upgrade may “end the iPhone vs. Android debate” once and for all.

But what exactly does Apple Intelligence entail?

Personalized Experiences

With the AI aboard iOS 18, the iPhone will learn the user’s daily habits. Examples:

  • Personalized recommendations for music, movies, apps, games, and other content
  • A more accurate Siri experience that crosses between apps
  • Onboard ChatGPT to detect and enhance the user’s writing

Smarter Assistant

Apple’s new release leverages AI to make Siri more helpful. With iOS 18, Siri promises to:

  • Understand context-specific natural language and respond accordingly
  • Perform complex tasks, such as booking appointments or sending emails on your behalf
  • Navigate seamlessly between text and voice prompts

Better Images

The iPhone camera is also getting a smart boost with iOS 18. Apple’s new AI-powered camera features include:

  • Advanced Portrait mode with improved subject detection and advanced bokeh effect
  • Night mode with enhanced low-light performance
  • Improved video recording with advanced stabilization and noise reduction
  • Smart photo editing and collage tools (standard offerings on peer Android smartphones)

Apart from photos, Apple Intelligence integrates now-familiar AI tools to create custom illustrations based on user prompts.

Security and Privacy

Apple added some smart security features to this latest operating system, such as:

  • Enhanced Face ID recognition
  • Improved encryption and secure boot process to protect against cyber attacks

Together, iOS 18’s Apple Intelligence boils down to convenience, customization, and contextualization. With a dose of privacy, too, although that seems at odds with the prevailing features.

What Deep Sentinel Has to Say About Apple, AI, & iOS 18

That’s all great to hear, but even if iOS 18 delivers on every claim, Apple still doesn’t corner the market on AI expertise. There are plenty of major players out there… including our tech experts here at Deep Sentinel.

Ted Kyi, VP of Data Science, had a more tempered reaction to Apple’s announcement than the aforementioned dramatic iPhone vs. Android article.

“I’m happy to see some of the announced iPhone updates. As far as AI has advanced in the last few years, there’s still a lot of work needed before AI significantly improves daily life for things like using your smartphone. I’m looking forward most to the features where the AI saves me time by suggesting things, but I have a chance to review and edit the changes.”

Though he is, by his own admission, a reluctant smartphone user, Deep Sentinel’s VP of Engineering Morgan Bell also weighed in.

“Every few months I get to enjoy some sensational headline making some over-the-top technology claim. I expect no less from Apple. I fully expect the AI arms race to continue. The clear winners will be the companies that directly or indirectly collect our information and use it to make better models.”

Patrick Darrow brings a unique perspective as Deep Sentinel’s Applied Machine Learning Scientist.

“These features will be useful for some, but I can’t help but think of the hidden costs. It’s one thing for Siri to mishear you, requiring you to repeat yourself. It’s another for an email to be inaccurately summarized and lose nuance. Communication breakdown is a slippery slope. In a world of clickbait and auto-generated content, we need more communication, not less.”

Summary? Sure, Apple’s new AI features for iOS 18 are flashy. Some may prove themselves useful. But proceed with caution and reasonable expectations. As it stands, AI works best in conjunction with human intelligence.

(And the iPhone vs. Android debate will likely rage on.)

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