How AI is Changing Business Security

by | Apr 9, 2020

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Criminals are always finding a way to get breach your security. They are advancing, and launching large-scale cyber attacks on ransomware that causes up to billions of dollars in loss of money, damage, and businesses failing. And if that doesn’t worry you enough, it’s so simple for hackers to steal your credit card numbers, bank details, and your entire identity. In addition, malicious software such as scripts, malware, and bots are wreaking havoc on businesses. So, how are these attacks combatted and what can prevent them? Let’s learn a little bit more about artificial intelligence (AI) and how it is completely changing the way business security is approached.

The Significant Impacts Of AI And Cyber Security

AI is fighting crime daily both inside and outside of your home, and developments in technology have had many significant impacts in cyber security. By boosting cyber security, businesses have been made more safe in general. For example, AI is making passwords and entrance into devices much more difficult. 

The iPhone’s ‘face ID’ is a perfect demonstration on how AI is keeping your devices secure. In fact, Apple claims that there’s only a one-in-a-million chance that someone would be able to fool the AI and unlock the phone with a different face. Also, AI may play a significant role in deterring and preventing phishing attacks, which are usually prevalent through emails. AI can actually scan these phishing threats from around the world and find out whether a website is real or fake in the matter of moments.

Artificial intelligence also has the ability to figure out an organization’s network topography and create a security policy, which are the two main components of network security. We can use AI to speed up this daunting process, which is done by learning and observing network traffic patterns and suggesting security policies. 

What Does All Of This Have To Do With Changing The Security Of Your Business?

In this day and age, the major hub of your business is probably online. From hosting your website to paying your employees, literally everything is done on the world wide web. With that being said, online security is just as important as real life security – both will help your business thrive. Combating both at the same time is the tricky part. Deep Sentinel offers security to businesses on the outside. This form of security adds live guards to your security to your feed. The live guards watch every move that is made outside of your business and continues to check every few seconds. If anyone approaches your business, they will be talked to immediately and asked why they are on your property after hours. If the loiterers or intruders persist, authorities will be notified immediately.

Deep Sentinel And AI Technology Efforts

Deep Sentinel pairs with AI technology in order to assess situations the right way. In fact, AI actually separates potential threats like humans from useless events such as cars driving by. The bright LED ring will start spinning when potential threats are detected. We don’t compromise when it comes to safety. After artificial intelligence has assessed the situation, guards are engaged, who will further acknowledge the situation and respond within seconds. AI plays a huge role in Deep Sentinel’s quest for keeping you safe – something that many other companies fail to recognize as an important feature.

Final Thoughts

Artificial intelligence plays a huge role in how security, both online and offline, is looked at. For example, Deep Sentinel utilizes AI to play a crucial role in detecting actual threats from daily activities that your business will see, such as cars driving by. AI is beginning to make a major impact in the way businesses stay secure by protecting your online identity as well as pushing for more advanced ways of keeping your business secure on the outside. With technology advancing nearly every day, we are bound to see AI in almost everything we do, both business-related and home-related. Accepting the importance of AI and how it will keep you safe is key when it comes to protecting your home and business.

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