Squatters Spurned In Attempt to Seize Southern Mansion

by | Mar 7, 2019 | Blogs, News

southern mansion

Two Squatters Move Into Southern Mansion Listed For $2 Million

A stately Southern mansion for sale proved too appealing to pass up for a pair of suspected squatters. Stealing a key from a realtor lockbox on the property, the two moved in with a U-Haul, according to the Herald-Citizen, a local newspaper. Police in the upscale community of Davidson, North Carolina, arrested both suspects on numerous charges. They were released on $2,000 bail earlier this month. Since then, additional charges were filed, but the two apparently have jumped bail and are nowhere to be found.

The home and its acreage belong to the family of former mayor of Davidson mayor Rusty Knox. People know the home as “Knox Knoll.”

Suspects Evicted from Previous Home

The trouble seems to have started when the two suspected squatters, identified as Taqiyah Barber, 34, and Turmaine Tyron Thorne, 30, were evicted from their residence in nearby Charlotte. A Knox family member who lives near Knox Knoll noticed the lights on and saw the U-Haul truck in the driveway. When he arrived with the police, Barber and Thorne refused to let them in.

The family provided the police with a spare key. When police entered and arrested the pair, they noted Barber and Thorne had already moved in furniture, clothing, and boxes of possessions. Their car, a Dodge Charger, was parked in the garage.

“Barber and Thorne, who claim allegiance to the Moorish Nation and ‘sovereign’ exemption to some state and federal laws, had filed a quick-claim deed with the Mecklenburg County Register of Deeds on Jan. 3 claiming ownership of the property,” the news report states.

Both suspects were charged with breaking and entering and resisting a police officer. Because these are misdemeanors, they were released on $2,000 bail. But now the pair faces additional charges of felony breaking and entering and obtaining property by false pretense.

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