The only camera with guards included

– for Jewelry Stores

Preventing crime with after-hour surveillance for business

We Protect Business From:


Protect your business assets from theft.

breakin BREAK-IN

Identify and stop forced entry before it occurs.


Keep potential damage away from your property.


Keep a close watch on who comes and goes from your property.


Keep protected areas safe by keeping unwanted attendance away.

Real-time Intervention

See how our guards help prevent crime before it happens

How It Works

I. Cameras Detect

Cameras stream within seconds to local AI to detect potential threats.

A drawing of how the deep sentinel artificial intelligence detects threats

II. Live Guards Watch

Guards watch every time a person enters or exits your property, instantly.

A drawing of how deep sentinel guards on duty can intervene to stop crime

III. Instant Response

Guards can engage potential criminals with two-way audio and contact police within seconds, not minutes.

A drawing of a police officer responding to a crime

Huge peace of mind knowing that Deep Sentinel is keeping an eye on everything

Andrew – Owner of Lenz Arts
Santa Cruz, CA

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Crimes Prevented Every Week


Rate of Suspects Removed from Property

Meet Deep Sentinel.

Own your personal virtual guard today

deep sentinel camera red led ring

2-way Speaker & Mic

For real-time intervention

Wireless & Wide FOV

Completely wireless & 130° super-wide field of view

deep sentinel smart hub

Local AI in Hub

Lightning-fast processing & classification

AI Analysis

50+ images per second & is always learning

deep sentinel smart hub
image shows live sentinel guards protect your home

Live Sentinel Guards

Speak directly to intruders to help prevent crime

Immediate Action

No one sends law enforcement faster

Easy 30-min Install

From out of box to live guards protecting your business

Protect your business today

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No One Does Security Like We Do

a image of deep sentinel vs alarm and cameras

Customer Reviews

“This is real intervention.”

“Deep Sentinel is amazing. When a motion sensor on the security camera goes off, a remote guard reviews in real-time and asks the intruder why they’re there. I also get a push notification and watch in the app.

David, San Francisco, WA


“Deep Sentinel has prevented every break-in and loitering attempt.”

“The live guards monitoring my business provides a level of security that you can’t get out of any other security system. I would highly recommend this to any business owner”


Karen, Santa Rosa, CA

Business Owner

“Deep Sentinel is hands-down a disrupter in the business security industry.”

We’ve tried every security solution on the market and consistently had problems with theft. After installing Deep Sentinel and having it up for less than a month, their guards prevented a crime. We couldn’t have been happier.”

Arnoldo, Stuttgart, AK


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"Best Investment Ever"

The Only System with Live Guards.

We have eyes on criminals from the second they step on your property. Live guards proactively monitor beyond the front door and take action instantly.


Deep Sentinel Surveillance is based in the US.

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