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Preventing crime with after-hour surveillance for business


Crime Intervention for your Business

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No One Prevents Crime
Like We Do

Our Surveillance Agents intervene in real-time, with eyes on anything suspicious, using the loudest 2-way speakers in the industry.

Current business security technology only allows you to react once an incident has occurred, which is too late.

We predict suspicious behavior and STOP suspects outside the perimeter of your property.

Professionally Trained Surveillance Agents Loudest 2-Way Speaker & Siren

Protection Beyond
the Front Door

Whether it’s ensuring your property is clear of unwanted visitors or deterring the threat of a break-in, Deep Sentinel proactively monitors what is most important to you and takes action instantly before a threat arises.

Experience peace of mind with protection that goes beyond your front door.

Outdoor & Indoor Security No False Alarms. Ever.

The Smartest
Artificial Intelligence

You’ll only get a notification when we sense a real possible threat.

Never get interrupted over what turns out to be a dog, a squirrel or a falling leaf.

No Nonsense Notifications Preventing Crime Before it Occurs

See How It Works

The Only System with Live Guards.

We have eyes on criminals from the second they step on your property. Live guards proactively monitor beyond the front door and take action instantly.


Deep Sentinel Surveillance is based in the US.

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Huge peace of mind knowing that Deep Sentinel is keeping an eye on everything

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