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Starting at $399, protect your home today 

1LiveSentinel™ 24/7 Residential Monitoring

  • Live Guards will be on duty at your home twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week
  • We protect & prevent against home-intrusion, auto-tampering. trespassing, vandalism, package thefts, and loitering
  • 1-year service contract

2Select the cameras you need


Wireless Camera

Battery included

- 3 +

Recommended Internet Upload Speed: For 3 camera(s): 4.5 Mbps,
Test your internet speed, please make sure you are testing your home Wi-Fi.

3Select your payment method

1yr upfront

Get 2 months FREE

$1699 Upfront

$0 per Month

monthly service

$699 Upfront

$100 per Month

Call for financing

$0 Upfront

0% financing for qualified buyers

All packages come with:

Camera(s), LiveSentinel service, 1 AI Hub, 1 extra rechargeable battery (one extra on hand), single screw mounts, 1 yard sign, & self-install kit.


image of deep sentinel range extender

WiFi Range Extender

Adds WiFi range coverage up to 1,000 sq ft. 


deep sentinel solar panel side view

Solar Charger Kit

Solar Charger & USB + Extreme Temperature Battery Kit