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Starting at $399, protect your home today 

1LiveSentinel™ 24/7 Residential Monitoring

  • Live Guards will be on duty at your home twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week
  • We protect & prevent against home-intrusion, auto-tampering. trespassing, vandalism, package thefts, and loitering
  • 1-year service contract

2Select the cameras you need


Wireless Camera

Battery included

- 3 +

Recommended Internet Upload Speed: For 3 camera(s): 4.5 Mbps,
Test your internet speed, please make sure you are testing your home Wi-Fi.

3Select your payment method

1yr upfront

Get 2 months FREE

$1699 Upfront

$0 per Month

monthly service

$699 Upfront

$100 per Month

Call for financing

$0 Upfront

0% financing for qualified buyers

All packages come with:

Camera(s), LiveSentinel service, 1 AI Hub, 1 extra rechargeable battery (one extra on hand), single screw mounts, 1 yard sign, & self-install kit.


image of deep sentinel range extender

WiFi Range Extender



image of deep sentinel rechargeable battery

Extra Battery