Subscription Terms


By purchasing a Deep Sentinel Subscription, you agree to the following terms and conditions. A Deep Sentinel System purchase requires a minimal 1 year Service Subscription. By purchasing a 1 year subscription contract in connection with your purchase of a Deep Sentinel Security System, you will receive unlimited 24/7 monitoring by our Surveillance Team and the ability to personalize the Artificial Intelligence settings in the Deep Sentinel app.


Annual contract, Prepaid

You’ll be charged the annual rate at the time of purchase as one lump sum, plus applicable taxes. Your service can start as soon as you activate your system, but your subscription does not begin until 30 days after product has shipped. The 30-day leeway allows you adequate amount of time to setup and active the system prior to the subscription starting.

You’ll be charged the rate stated at the time of purchase, plus applicable taxes (such as value added tax when the stated rate doesn’t include VAT). If the applicable VAT rate (or other included tax or duty) changes during your one-year term, the tax-inclusive price will adjust accordingly.

After the 1 year Commitment Period, the subscription will renew month-to-month, but you may cancel at any time. Renewal rates are subject to change, but you will be notified of any change in your rate with the option to cancel in accordance with these terms. Cancellations can be made any time by contacting 1-833-983-6006 or