Auto Dealership Live Video Surveillance: 6 Benefits

by | Jan 13, 2023

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Security is not optional for auto dealerships. While every dealership and car lot has some form of security in place, an effective auto dealership live video surveillance solution is one of the strongest options. Let’s dive into what surveillance can do and some of the benefits that dealership managers can expect.

To address the growing risk of theft and vandalism, most automobile dealerships use a mix of security methods, including:

  • Physical deterrents—fences, access control, and floodlights
  • Strategic practices—parking cars with wheels turned and e-brakes on to prevent towing, placing high-value cars inside or away from entrances
  • Traditional security methods—on-site security guards, alarm systems, wheel locks, GPS tracking, and traditional surveillance cameras

Dealerships should also have sound business procedures in place that all employees follow. These practices include vehicle sign-out protocols, regular inventory audits, background checks, closing procedures, and regularly updating keys and codes.

All these methods and practices are good, but they aren’t effective or comprehensive enough to prevent crime at a dealership. Here are some of the challenges that after-hours security poses for auto dealers.

The Challenge of Protecting Dealerships After-Hours

The thing about dealership security is that it’s not just stolen cars you have to worry about. As auto parts like catalytic converters become more and more valuable on the secondary market, dealerships are becoming even greater targets of interest for thieves.

This growing threat presents many challenges for dealership owners looking to protect their inventory after hours. Here are just a few of them:

  • Hiring security guards is expensive.
  • It’s difficult to cover extensive areas like large car lots.
  • Vandalism must be prevented—once someone starts vandalizing your dealership, the damage is already done.
  • Getting all employees to follow proper business protocols can be tricky.
  • Traditional security systems are prone to false alarms, which are annoying and can be costly.

To overcome these challenges without breaking the bank, dealerships require an effective video surveillance solution. But what makes a solution effective? What are your options?

What Does “Good” Video Surveillance for Dealerships Look Like?

If your current security measures aren’t enough, here are some features to look for in an automotive dealership live video surveillance solution.

Good video surveillance solutions have good cameras. This enables them to provide a high-quality picture, both day and night, at a wide enough angle to show the entire scene. Many also have robust video storage capabilities. For example, if your dealership does monthly inventory audits, you want a video surveillance solution that can store at least a month’s worth of footage.

But despite the capabilities of high-quality cameras, crimes can still occur. To help dealerships fight back, newer video surveillance solutions incorporate real-time monitoring from live security guards, along with a host of other advanced features. Those features could include:

  • AI to determine when detected motion is truly a threat, filtering out false alarms
  • Two-way audio for live interaction and intervention
  • Professional monitoring to deter criminals and report verified crimes to police
  • Trained security professionals with years of experience watching the cameras

It’s an extensive list of features, one that even some of the most advanced solutions can’t fulfill. But if you select the right auto dealership live video surveillance system, you get a more proactive approach to surveillance. One that can help dealership owners navigate a variety of security threats day and night, cost-effectively. Let’s see how.

Benefits of an Effective Dealership Video Surveillance Solution

Benefit #1—Crime Deterrence

Visible surveillance cameras deter criminals because they know their actions are being recorded. For those undeterred by that, having cameras with a two-way speaker telling them to leave the property will ensure they’re scared off.

Benefit #2—Cost Savings

If your dealership is already using after-hours guards to secure your dealership, then an effective video monitoring solution with live guard intervention can offer major cost savings. Hiring on-site security personnel means paying salary and benefits each year, which adds up quickly. Positioning high-tech surveillance cameras across your dealership is a much less expensive option.

Benefit #3—Full Lot Coverage

With the right cameras, you’re able to place cameras strategically across your lot to cover all areas. Security guards can’t be everywhere at once, and they can’t watch everything at once. With an AI-enabled video monitoring system, live guards receive a notification the moment a person appears anywhere on your lot.

Benefit #4—A Way to Lower Insurance Premiums

With less risk comes lower insurance premiums. Having an effective video surveillance system with a proven track record of preventing theft and vandalism can help your dealership lower insurance premiums. (Not to mention that video footage is invaluable in case you need to make a claim.)

Benefit #5—Video Evidence

A video surveillance solution gives your dealership video evidence should anything happen. High-quality footage can make it much easier for authorities to assess the situation, find identifying details, and track down the perpetrators.

Benefit #6—Faster Response Times

Lastly, live guard monitoring leads to faster police response times. Guards alert authorities as soon as an incident occurs. In addition, most police departments require a visual confirmation of a crime in order to prioritize your case. Live video surveillance gives you that.

Choose a Leading Auto Dealership Live Video Surveillance Provider

The benefits of effective dealership business security cameras and real-time surveillance are clear, especially for after-hours monitoring. If you want to get peace of mind and save money at your automotive dealership, you need an innovative video monitoring solution designed to prevent crime.

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