The Benefits of Offering AI-Enabled Video Monitoring

by | Aug 29, 2023

The Benefits of Offering AI-Enabled Video Monitoring

Live security monitoring technology is advancing at a rapid pace. If you want to stay relevant, you need to keep up. One way for MSPs, security dealers, installers, and smart home automation integrators to stay ahead of the competition is by adding AI-enabled video monitoring to their security offerings. Let’s look at what an AI-enabled video monitoring solution is and the benefits you get by offering it.

What Is AI-Enabled Video Monitoring?

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the ability of a machine to complete a task that would typically require human intelligence. When added to a video monitoring solution, that solution becomes AI-enabled video monitoring.

That’s all well and good, but what does it do?

In video monitoring systems, AI can sort out suspicious activity faster and more effectively than a human can. It can also pay attention to multiple feeds simultaneously. It may go without saying, but AI doesn’t suffer from eyestrain, nod off while on the job, need bathroom breaks, or require caffeine to make it through a long night.

It’s important to note that AI in video monitoring doesn’t eliminate the need for humans. Rather, it gives those humans an edge allowing them to see more, do more, and protect more. Instead of trying to watch many feeds at once, a human can be on call for many more feeds than they could normally watch. Should the AI detect suspicious activity on any of those feeds, it can then escalate that instance to a human to decipher and intervene if necessary. (We’ll get to this part—stick with us.)

Benefits of Adding AI-Enabled Video Monitoring to Your Offerings

AI offers some obvious advantages to property owners. But what benefits can you enjoy by offering it to your customers?

Benefit #1: Gain an Edge on Your Competition

There are plenty of security dealers, integrators, and managed service providers out there. How do you differentiate yourself in a crowded market?

One way you can do it is by staying up on the latest trends in security technology. AI has been a major technology trend in many industries, and the security industry is no different. Adopting AI before your competition gives you an immediate first-mover advantage in your market.

You’ll win new business while they’re playing catch-up.

Benefit #2: Keep Your Clients Safer

Next, AI-enabled video monitoring keeps your clients safer than traditional monitoring solutions.

As mentioned earlier, a person can only watch so many camera feeds at once. It’s also common for them to lose focus. Think about it. Watching security feeds can be a boring job because, with any luck, not much happens.

But when something does happen, you want the fastest response possible. That’s where AI comes in. Video monitoring enhanced with AI can quickly identify when something suspicious is happening and notify a guard.

It can also differentiate suspicious activity from normal activity, like cars passing the street or a stray cat walking through the camera’s field of view. This differentiation reduces false alarms, which is important for ensuring police respond on time. If a business or home has too many false alarms, it can gain a reputation with local authorities, who may be less likely to respond in a timely manner.

Benefit #3: More Satisfied Clients

The best way to retain current clients and get new customers in the security industry is through results. You get results by preventing crime and keeping clients safe.

When clients are safe, they’re happy. When clients are happy, they stick around and recommend your services to others.

As we’ve outlined, AI-enabled video monitoring solutions come with many benefits and improvements that make clients safer. Adding it to your offering will help you give your clients peace of mind, and you can reap those returns as more future customers start calling.

Benefit #4: Increased Revenue

While the mission of your business is to keep clients safe by providing them with the best security solutions on the market, the goal is always to increase revenue.

One way to do that is by accessing new revenue streams by diversifying your product offering and penetrating new markets. Another way is adding a service like video monitoring to your security lineup, creating a source for monthly recurring revenue. AI-enabled video monitoring can help you do both.

Modern home and business owners are much more tech-savvy. They are used to app-based technology. They expect solutions that are easy to implement and maintain. And they expect wireless security cameras, cloud storage, and AI. Traditional home and business security options are too clunky.

Adding an AI-enabled video monitoring solution can meet all those customer expectations while giving you a passive monthly income you can rely on.

Offer Leading Security Technology and Reap the Benefits

AI video monitoring is a great way to keep up with the modern trends in security technology. It also helps your business find more success and penetrate more markets. So, go ahead and add it. You won’t be sorry, and your competition will be.

But if you’re going to add new technology to your offering, you need to do it the right way. By joining Deep Sentinel’s security partner program, you can instantly add AI capabilities to your security offerings, giving you a cost-effective way to make your clients safer and provide a more compelling array of security solutions. Plus, you can take advantage of high commissions and full partner support from our channel team.

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