Are Home Security Camera Systems Worth the Cost?

by | Mar 30, 2022

When you make a purchase, it’s natural to go through a cost-benefit analysis to determine if a certain investment is worth the cost. Home security cameras can be a significant investment, so you want to be sure your purchase will provide enough peace of mind for the cost. Let’s go through all the pros and cons of investing in a home security camera system.

Do I need a home security system?

Many people think that since they have never been robbed before, and they live in a safer area, therefore security systems should not be a priority. The unavoidable fact, however, is that crime exists. In fact, an Arnold Ventures study revealed that home robberies increased by 24% after the pandemic. According to FBI statistics, there are about 1.5 million robberies in the US every year. This highlights how important it is to have a security system at your home that protects your belongings, as well as your family.

Are home security systems effective?

You might wonder if home security cameras are actually useful for preventing crime. There is no doubt about the fact that home security systems are very effective and act as a primary tool in deterring crime. 

Studies have shown that having a home security system significantly reduces the chance of crime on the property. In fact, about 60% of convicted burglars said that they would not target homes that have a security system. Studies have also shown that even if one house has a home security camera system, the houses surrounding that house will also have a decreased risk of robbery. 

While security systems are effective, they might not be the best security solution for every situation. Now we’ll go over the pros and cons of having a security camera system installed at your home so that you can decide if a home security camera system is a good fit.

Pros of having a home security camera system

  • The biggest pro to having a home security camera system is that it is a huge crime deterrent. If a burglar sees a house with a camera system, it is likely that they would pass on that house and look for an easier target. 
  • Home security camera systems also work as a great recovery tool if your house has been targeted. After a burglary, you can conveniently rewind the tapes and identify the burglars which will help the police track them down. You can also potentially catch their license plate which will make it even easier for you to track them. The footage can also be very useful for insurance claims.
  • Camera systems are a great way to help you make your family safe. A lot of working parents find themselves worried about their children alone at home. With a home security camera system, it’s easy to make sure your family is safe at all times.

What makes home security camera systems worth the cost is the peace of mind they provide. Whenever you are out of the house, you can easily check in on how things are back at home. You can also rest assured that if someone does break in while you’re out, the cameras will make it very easy for the police to track down the burglars. Camera footage will also make it easier for you to make insurance claims.

Cons of having a home security camera system

  • Privacy concerns are a major drawback to some security cameras. Usually, these camera systems store video footage in the cloud. While hacking encrypted footage is next to impossible, there are some steps that you should take to protect your privacy. For example, if you are concerned, it is a good idea to place the cameras outside of the house and not indoors. This way, you can have solid protection from burglars while still protecting the privacy of your home. 
  • High costs are another major concern. Surveillance camera systems often require an upfront cost for hardware and installation, as well as possible ongoing cloud storage and service costs.

Are Cameras Worth It? 

Security cameras can be worth the investment… if you get cameras that actually protect you.

Deep Sentinel home security cameras are more than just a basic home security camera system. The security that Deep Sentinel provides is equivalent to having a private security team monitoring your house at all times. Deep Sentinel offers 24/7 live camera monitoring, with a state-of-the-art AI detection system. If you are concerned about costs, Deep Sentinel offers a DIY kit so that you can easily set up the cameras around your house without additional installation costs. Deep Sentinel will guard your home so you don’t have to self-monitor.

There are a lot of benefits to home security systems with cameras. They make a big difference in deterring crime and give you peace of mind like nothing else. Even if a burglary has occurred, these cameras give you the best chance of recovering your belongings. If you can afford them, home security camera systems are definitely worth a shot. 

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