Atlanta Crime Rate and Safest Neighborhoods

by | Jan 22, 2024

Atlanta Crime and Safest Neighborhoods

Atlanta is not only Georgia’s capital and largest city. It’s also the eighth-largest city in the United States and a bustling hub of activity, including the busiest airport in the world. As with any big, busy city, safety is a concern. Is Atlanta safe? Are there low-crime Atlanta neighborhoods? Let’s look at Atlanta crime statistics and how you can stay safe there.

Is Atlanta Safe?

First, it’s helpful to start broad. Then, we’ll work our way to more granular detail. How does Atlanta stack up to other U.S. cities in terms of safety?

Citywide crime statistics are one place to start. You won’t get the whole picture—tracking crime is a nuanced thing—but it’s a good gut check.

Atlanta Crime Rate

The city’s police department keeps thorough crime records, which are easily accessible to the public. According to this data, Atlanta police officers reported more than 22,000 “index” crimes in 2022. (Index crimes are common crimes with nationally standardized reporting.) Given its population, the Atlanta crime rate is about 44.8 crimes per 1,000 residents.

So, how does that compare? The nationwide average is about 23 per 1,000. Georgia’s statewide rate is even lower, at 20.6 per 1,000. Any way you slice it, Atlanta has a high crime rate.

But some crimes are more serious than others. In particular, most people worry about violent crime—murder, assault, and so on. Atlanta’s violent crime rate is approximately 8.4 per 1,000 residents, double the state and national averages.

Atlanta has particularly struggled to control its rising homicide rate, which earned it the #22 spot on CBS’s list of the deadliest cities in the United States.

All told, Atlanta crime statistics tell a disheartening story.

Crime - USA vs. GA vs. Atlanta

Will You Feel Safe in Atlanta?

Still, safety is more than a number. It’s also a feeling. So what do the locals say? Is Atlanta safe?

In a poll from AreaVibes, more than 75% of respondents rated the amount of crime in Atlanta as “poor” or “awful.” Similarly, about half said they don’t feel safe at all walking alone at night.

However, a poll saw very different results. Only 25% of respondents said they felt “not safe” or “somewhat safe,” in Atlanta, with the vast majority expressing much more positive sentiments. And most respondents reported that the city has a visible police presence.

Is Atlanta dangerous or not? As you might suspect, that answer may come down to your specific location within the city. Your immediate surroundings have a lot to do with how likely you are to experience crime firsthand.

The Safest Neighborhoods in Atlanta

If you’re thinking of relocating, you’re probably even more concerned about where you’ll find the safest Atlanta neighborhoods. After all, city-level data doesn’t help narrow down where to look for houses. NeighborhoodScout reveals the top 10 safest Atlanta neighborhoods (by crime rate).

  1. Brandon/Castlewood
  2. Club Forest
  3. Springlake/Memorial Park
  4. Brookhaven
  5. Hills Park/Bolton
  6. Vinings
  7. Druid Hills
  8. Pleasant Hill
  9. Brookwood Hills
  10. Marietta Street Artery/Georgia Institute of Technology

All 10 of these Atlanta neighborhoods are on the northern side of the city. The Georgia Institute of Technology offers a nice pocket of low-crime living in the middle of a moderate-crime area. That’s a common phenomenon across the country, thanks to the increased security resources on university campuses.

Most Dangerous Atlanta Neighborhoods

But, of course, you can’t learn about the safest neighborhoods in Atlanta without also learning about the most dangerous. AreaVibes has the scoop: the most dangerous Atlanta neighborhoods, as measured by violent crime rates.

  1. Mechanicsville (29.4 violent crimes per 1,000 residents)
  2. Grove Park (23.6 per 1,000)
  3. Adair Park (22.4 per 1,000)
  4. Vine City (20.6 per 1,000)
  5. West End (19.5 per 1,000)
  6. Oakland City (16.0 per 1,000)
  7. Lakewood Heights–Southeastern Atlanta (14.8 per 1,000)
  8. Sweet Auburn (13.4 per 1,000)
  9. Center Hill (11.4 per 1,000)
  10. Five Points (10.9 per 1,000)

The violent crime rate for each of these neighborhoods is 29–250% higher than for the city overall. Many factors (like tourism) can skew these rates, but there’s still reason for caution.

Remember, violent crime includes the most dangerous offenses—homicide, assault, armed robbery, and more. These are the Atlanta neighborhoods that statistically experience the most crimes that put victims at risk of bodily harm.

In other words, if you find yourself in one of these neighborhoods, keep your with about you.

Atlanta Crime Map

Where will you find these low-crime and high-crime areas of Atlanta? This Atlanta crime map can give you a better visual than lists and statistics will.

Atlanta Crime Map

In general, you’ll find areas with lower crime on the northern side of the city and areas with more crime on the southern side of the city. But as you might expect, that’s not a hard and fast rule. It’s also worth noting that some of the “safest neighborhoods in Atlanta” are in fringe areas that might technically be suburbs.

You can also find an extremely detailed Atlanta crime map through the Atlanta Police Department website, which you can filter by date, type of crime, neighborhood, and more.

The Best Atlanta Neighborhoods: Other Factors

Your safety is important, but we know that it isn’t everything. Many other factors could tip the scale in favor of the multitude of nice neighborhoods in Atlanta. Here are some other ways you could choose a spot in the city (or one of the best suburbs of Atlanta) that’s right for you.

Top-rated public schools (from Niche):

  • Piedmont Heights
  • Sherwood Forest
  • Ansley Park
  • Morningside/Lenox Park
  • Virginia Highland
  • Suburbs like Buford, Peachtree City, and Alpharetta

Highest real estate appreciation (from NeighborhoodScout):

  • Vine City
  • The Villages at Castleberry Hill
  • Hunter Hills
  • Vine City East
  • Ashview Heights/Just Us

Lowest cost of living (from Niche):

  • Lincoln Homes
  • Polar Rock
  • Adamsville
  • Lakewood Heights
  • Dixie Hills
  • Suburbs like Lakeview Estates, Aragon, and Bremen

Most walkable (from Walk Score):

  • Georgia State University
  • Buckhead Village
  • Sweet Auburn
  • Peachtree Center
  • Midtown

Best for singles (from AreaVibes):

  • Midtown
  • Poncey-Highland
  • Old Fourth Ward
  • Atlanta-Inman Park
  • Buckhead

There you have it. The best places to live in Atlanta, no matter what matters most to you.

Regardless of where you settle, it’s still important to prioritize home security. That way, you can avoid becoming part of the Atlanta crime rate.

How to Avoid Atlanta Crime

Even in the safest areas in Atlanta, you need to take reasonable precautions to protect your home. Crime can happen anywhere. And it certainly does. These basic home security tips can help you prevent crime from affecting you personally.

With a safe location in Atlanta and a strong home security setup, you’re well on your way to the lifestyle of your dreams. Choose Deep Sentinel to avoid Atlanta crime and spend your days (and nights) worry-free.

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