How to Enhance Your Home Door Security

by | Mar 8, 2022

Your front door is your first line of defense against burglars. While you might think that most burglars would come in through windows and back doors, but front doors still remain the most popular way for entry. There are many small steps that you can take to make your front door impenetrable.

Tips for front door security

Replace the screws going into your doorframe
When you look at your front door, you will notice a metal plate screwed to the side. This metal plate holds the locks that stop your door from opening. In most cases, the screws used for this metal plate are too short to withstand a huge amount of force. This makes your door very easy to kick in and break. That is typically how most doors are accessed since the wood is not usually that sturdy. For this reason, ideally, you should replace the default screws with 3-inch stainless steel ones so that your door is much more resistant to break-ins. Alternatively, you can also go with an even longer metal plate that secures your door with even more screws.

Get new locks
This is a very easy and convenient way to secure your front door, provided that your front door is sturdy. Old locks are usually not very effective and new ones will take care of that problem. Furthermore, nowadays there are many new locks that come with different features. For example, electronic smart locks can be locked and opened remotely.

Get a stronger front door
Like many other things, doors are also prone to wear and tear over the years. From a security point of view, glass doors are unsafe, although they do look very attractive. If you are going with wooden doors, you should go with woods like mahogany and oak. These doors however will cost you a lot and are very high maintenance. Other options for you can be steel doors or fiberglass, these are not only cheaper but will have lower maintenance since they are very durable and water-resistant.

Improve visibility from indoors
It is always a good idea to know who’s knocking on the door before you open it, and a convenient and safe solution to that is installing a peephole or a camera (doorbell). In fact, with doorbell cameras, you can also speak to people who are ringing at your door so that you are aware of who is visiting. It can also let you take a sneak peek outside, in case you’re worried about any suspicious sounds outside, without having to open the door to check.

Don’t let anyone know you’re not home
This might seem pretty basic, but it’s a very important measure to take, especially if you’re going to be away for a long time. You can ask your neighbors to collect your mail for you or mow your lawn, to give the impression that your home is not abandoned. Burglars find empty homes to be easy targets, so leaving the lights on, or not parking your car in the same spot might be good ways to deter such home invasion attempts.

Get a front door security camera
A lot of people have started to use cameras around their front doors. In this day and age, these cameras are essential for security purposes because new and emerging technology has made the home security system foolproof. Some modern wireless home security cameras are equipped with AI that will keep the lookout for suspicious activity. Deep Sentinel offers 24/7 live video surveillance that will automatically contact the authorities in case something goes wrong. This is the best way to keep your house secure.

Install a temporary barricade
A portable barricade is also a good option for added security, and some products in the market are particularly effective. This includes security bars and portable locks. The latter has the advantage of being portable so it can be taken alongside while traveling, without worrying about security in unfamiliar locations.


Frequently Asked Questions About Home Door Security

What front door lock is the safest?
Standard deadbolt locks are robust, easily installed, and provide effective security. They provide more protection alongside your door’s existing lock. This is because they can not be tampered with from the outside, and are significantly harder to pick than spring bolk hooks.

How to prevent a door from being kicked in?
This might seem like a big task, but small alterations like using new screws or a deadbolt can prevent home invasions. It is always a good idea to get your door and its frame checked to ensure that the wood or metal is not damaged.

What does it cost to reinforce a door?
The cost to reinforce can vary a lot depending on how much you are willing to spend. While a new door can be pricey, ranging from $100 to $1500, if you are using longer screws or some simple chain, it will hardly cost $50. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to try out simple solutions, without investing in more expensive repairs.

What is a sash jammer?
Sash jammers are used in uPVC doors or windows to provide additional security. It will prevent a door or window from opening in case a thief manages to break or bypass the lock.

How to secure a door that opens inward?
Installing a latch guard is a great option to secure your door, as is a door lock hinge protector. Other than that you can tie your doorknob to some heavy furniture. But the best option available is an out-swing door security bar.

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