How to Keep Bugs Off Your Security Cameras

by | Aug 23, 2023

How to Keep Bugs Off Your Security Cameras

What’s the buzz? One issue that security camera owners sometimes encounter is keeping bugs and spiders away. The light and heat that cameras generate, along with their common location under eaves, attract all sorts of pesky pests. And those critters can set off motion sensors and cause visibility issues. Here are a few tricks to prevent bugs from taking up residence on your security cameras and obstructing your views.

Simple Bug-Fighting Tricks

In terms of low-hanging fruit, try adjusting the location of the camera. If you can, keep some distance from bright lights or vegetation that might attract bugs.

Also, keep your camera clean. Just as with any other item around the house, it requires regular maintenance. Remove any spider webs, overgrowth, leaves, or anything else lingering around the area. And clean the camera itself regularly, too. Use a soft-bristled brush on the camera lens and exterior to keep bugs and webs at bay.

Consider hanging a dryer sheet or two on the camera’s casing. These contain a chemical compound that naturally repels some bugs. Struggling with spiders? Try using some essential oils that spiders don’t like, such as citrus, peppermint, eucalyptus, and other powerful scents.

You can also try using a petroleum-based product (e.g. Vaseline, Vick’s Vapor Rub) on the camera’s casing. The slippery surface prevents spiders and insects from perching there. Just don’t forget to cover the lens first. The last thing you need is a huge smear blocking the view. Apply a very light layer of the lubricant solely to the external casing.

More Powerful Ways to Stop Bugs

Some people point a small fan at the camera to deter bugs from flying by and prevent spiders from building webs. Make sure this won’t blow anything else into the camera’s field of view, which might set the motion sensor off.

Another option is to purchase an infrared light and place it somewhere else to draw bugs in. A “honeypot,” if you will. If all goes well, they’ll gravitate toward your decoy light instead of your camera. Similarly, you can also strategically place enticing traps, especially if you’re dealing with a particular species and know what it likes. Remember to monitor and replace these traps regularly.

One high-tech way to drive pests away is an IP67 sonic-repellent device. These use certain sound frequencies to deter some insects, including moths, beetles, crickets, praying mantises, and lacewings. Be sure to calculate the square footage area you’re looking to cover, as you may need more than one device. There’s some debate over whether sonic devices really repel bugs, but it’s worth a shot.

If you’ve tried everything to no avail, consult a local pest control business. They’ll be intimately familiar with common bugs in your region and how to counteract them. What plagues a camera in California, for example, might be completely different from an infestation in Maine.

One final option: Consider switching to a dome-style security camera. A dome camera’s round, smooth shape provides less opportunity for bugs to set up shop.

Regular Maintenance Means Better Security Camera Performance

What you’ll note from the suggestions above is that very few of them are “one and done.” They, like most types of home upkeep, require ongoing effort. Routine checks to replace bug-fighting items or remove existing bugs are part of good maintenance for your home security cameras. If you can keep the bugs at bay, your cameras can keep the criminals at bay.

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