Safety tips for Halloween from Danville Police

by | Oct 30, 2019 | Blogs, Home Security

This is a reproduction of a Nixle post from Danville, CA Police Department. Halloween should be a time of fun and excitement–but that doesn’t mean we can every forget that Safety is #1!


Halloween Safety- Tips for a safe night of Trick Or Treating

  • Costumes should be the right size. Excess material around the legs or a costume that is too big could be a tripping hazard
  • Avoid using masks and use face paint where possible as masks can restrict a child’s visibility
  • Make sure all costume pieces are made of fire retardant material
  • Use reflective tape or stickers on bags or costumes
  • Carry a flash light or glow stick for lighting
  • Stay in a large group when traveling through the neighborhood. This helps increase visibility
  • Remain in well-lit areas and always use sidewalks where possible
  • Avoid cutting across yards or alleyways
  • Only cross the street in designated crosswalks and in groups
  • Do not assume right-of-way. Motorists may not see you so be sure to make eye contact with a driver before crossing the street

An adult should always accompany young children. If older children will be trick-or-treating alone, be sure to review the route with them beforehand and plan on scheduling check-in times

Be sure Trick-Or-Treaters are only visiting homes where porch lights are on and never enter a home or a car for a treat

Notify law enforcement immediately if you notice any suspicious or unlawful activity.

  • Make sure you check that your front yard and porch are well lit. Replace any burnt out bulbs and keep lights on to show that you are trick-or-treater friendly
  • Buy individually wrapped candy. No one feels comfortable letting their kids eat free floating jelly beans or candy corn
  • Be sure to move or pick up any obstacles that may create a tripping hazard such as hoses, bikes, or bulky decorations
  • If you are out and about in your vehicle, SLOW DOWN and reduce speed and distractions.


As always, be safe everyone!


The Deep Sentinel Team

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