Why We’re Creating FlashBang

by | Apr 9, 2024

Why We're Creating FlashBang

We hear it from businesses over and over again: they’re sick and tired of criminals having the upper hand. They want to do more than prevent crime. They want active, impactful stopping force. Some even want revenge.

This perspective, along with alarming retail crime data trends, forged our latest product development: Deep Sentinel’s FlashBang. Very soon, we’ll introduce the world to FlashBang, a powerful crime suppression solution that can impede and subdue intruders at the touch of a button.

But before I get into the details of what this exciting new offering is all about, let me explain more about why we’re creating FlashBang—and why now.

Property Crime Is Out of Control

This can’t go on. Something has to change.

Criminals have become more brazen over the past few years. You don’t have to look far to see examples. There are stories on the news every night about the rise of flash mob burglaries at malls and vehicles barging through storefronts.

Some statistics to put this problem into perspective:

And it goes on. And on.

Beyond the numbers, I’ve witnessed this problem firsthand. Last month, I watched a shoplifter walk in and out of a drugstore—walk, not run—with an armful of stolen goods. The cashier saw this person and knew him by name. He was so bold, he even nodded to her as if a recognized friend. But she couldn’t do anything to stop him.

The company’s theft policy, which was designed to protect employees from harm and the corporation from risk, instead created an environment where criminals could run rampant. And they do.

Businesses don’t have much of a choice. Physical intervention can result in tragedy, as I know all too well. My local Home Depot saw a loss prevention officer shot and killed over a power tool.

Instead of standing by watching, we have decided to be the change.

It’s Time for a Serious Solution

Our philosophy at Deep Sentinel is that security should prevent crime, not react to it. Old-school alarms and CCTV systems are only helpful after a criminal has already broken in (and even then, I say “helpful” generously, as you can read about HERE and HERE). And with how violent and destructive smash-and-grabs have become, that’s just not enough. Business owners are right to be angry.

Deep Sentinel’s flagship offering is our award-winning live guard surveillance solution: the only cameras that come with guards included. We’ve made a name for ourselves in the security industry by combining AI and human intervention to stop hundreds of suspects before they cause trouble.

But over the past few years, we’ve seen that the most brazen thieves are determined to continue with their crimes, even knowing that they’re being watched and the cops are on the way. If they’re going to be that bold, we have to be even bolder.

Serious crimes demand serious solutions. And that’s how the idea for creating FlashBang was born.

When Criminals Get Nasty, Get Revenge. Learn More About FlashBang.
When Criminals Get Nasty, Get Revenge. Learn More About FlashBang.

What Is FlashBang?

FlashBang is an advanced anti-intrusion feature to impair and subdue criminals at the touch of a button. FlashBang integrates directly with our AI-powered live guard service, allowing businesses to seamlessly deploy additional deterrents, including smoke bombs, pepper spray, strobe lights, and ear-piercing sirens.

By integrating with Deep Sentinel’s award-winning guard service, customers can sleep well at night knowing that these deterrents are deployed automatically once the AI identifies suspicious behavior and after the guards follow robust crime verification and prevention protocols. It is only the necessary force to stop each crime. Most critically, it’s sufficient force to stop almost any crime.

The FlashBang add-on feature will allow Deep Sentinel’s PoE camera system users to step up and win the fight against intruders once and for all. We’re thrilled to bring this hardcore crime suppression solution to the market later this spring.

There will be plenty more details to come over the coming weeks, but know this:

  • We are through hearing our customers say, “Okay, but is there really nothing else I could have done?”
  • We’ve been testing FlashBang over the past year, and we’re confident these are the right measures.
  • It is time (way past time frankly!) that business owners can safely, legally, and effectively protect themselves without relying on a government that is bogged down in special-interest-driven politics.

Crime Shouldn’t Pay. Criminals Should.

It’s time to make criminals pay for the harm they bring to others.

Crime is growing exponentially. Property owners all need the ability to stop criminal activities like assault, murder, auto burglaries, auto theft, vandalism, and destructive trespassing. Crime is much more complicated than the burglaries of 20 years ago, which traditional security companies like ADT are built around.

Our customers need to stop the repeat offenders. FlashBang puts the power back in your hands. It’s time for criminals to pay.

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When Criminals Get Nasty, Get Revenge.
With criminals becoming more violent, the response needs to become more aggressive. FlashBang subdues even the most determined intruders with smoke bombs, pepper spray, strobes, and sirens. Visit deepsentinel.com/flashbang or call 833.983.6006 for more information.

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