The AI Advantage: How Deep Sentinel is Outsmarting the Bad Guys (and Old-School Security Systems)

by | Jun 5, 2024

The AI Advantage

​Let’s be honest… security systems aren’t that exciting. Sure, there’s the endorphin spike the very first time you see your new system work—a motion sensor goes off and you get the alert that a door is open, you get to see your camera alerts are working, or you can check in on the business instantly from Disneyland.

But most of us want more and less. We want more than just a siren blaring or a phone notification if something suspicious is happening on our property. But we clearly want less useless/annoying/distracting alerts—e.g., every time a branch blows or the cat jumps on the couch.

And that’s where Deep Sentinel comes in.

What sets Deep Sentinel apart? It’s not just the sleek security cameras or the handy app (though let’s be honest, they’re the best in the industry!). It’s also the magic under the hood: powerful artificial intelligence (AI). You might hear the words “AI” thrown around a lot. But at Deep Sentinel, it’s not just a buzzword. It’s an integral part of our product.

In this post, I’ll peel back the curtain just a bit and share a bit about how this happens and why we chose this path.

AI Is the Brain, Deep Sentinel Is the Brawn

Everyone seems to be talking about artificial intelligence, machine learning, ChatGPT, and the like these days. But when it comes down to it, AI is a tool. And it’s only as powerful as the person wielding it.

Think of AI adopters as a sort of pyramid, starting from the top with a handful of developers creating the actual AI models, and progressing toward the large base of widespread adoption. There are more users at lower levels, but the innovation decreases.

“You got Nunchuks? Sure, but do you have Nunchuks skillz?!”

AI Adoption Hierarchy

  1. AI Model Innovators: The teams developing the algorithms and models needed to power artificial intelligence technology like OpenAI and ChatGPT. Companies are built of PhDs and massive R&D budgets.
  2. AI Business and Technology Innovators: These companies bake AI into the very core of their product and service offerings. This is where Deep Sentinel falls in the AI hierarchy—a powerful AI business innovator. Companies have significant budgets in R&D, and data scientists make up a good part of this.
  3. AI Technology Integrators: Companies that integrate or use third-party models or off-the-shelf technologies. Companies have an R&D budget and may have one or two data scientists, but likely have very little understanding of how AI works—just what it does.
  4. AI Power Business Users: Other companies incorporate AI into their business operations to improve efficiency or enhance the customer experience. However, it isn’t essential to their identity as a company. These companies likely have analysts or technology acquisition capabilities and do a good job selecting vendors and partners based on their AI capabilities.
  5. Laggards and End Users: Most people and businesses use some form of AI in their daily lives, whether they think about it or not… Autocorrecting a text. Customer support chatbots. These aren’t very inspired use cases anymore, but they’re familiar, and they do a lot of heavy lifting. They may understand what they can do with AI but aren’t making critical decisions based on the quality of the AI they select.

When AI is seen as merely an add-on, there’s a risk of losing sight of its true value and falling into the trap of AI-washing. This phenomenon occurs when the focus on being able to abuse the AI “buzzword” overshadows genuine advancements in business operations. (In case you’re wondering, this is happening A LOT).

At Deep Sentinel, AI is woven into the core of how we operate and has been since day one. Heck, I’ve been working on AI research and development for more than 25 years, and I’ve turned into a bit of a 1-trick pony—but if the pony gets to pick the trick, I was pretty lucky to pick this one.

How AI Gives Deep Sentinel Its Superpowers

So, how exactly does Deep Sentinel’s AI enhance your security?

Speed Demon

Imagine AI as a lightning-fast security analyst. AI can process information up to 10 million times faster than a human brain, enabling swift decision-making at critical times.

And that’s before we consider computing at the edge.

Put simply, edge computing relocates some computing resources to boost speed. Instead of sending data to a central cloud location for processing and analysis, these tasks happen at the source of the data itself—such as your property. Only the outcomes of this computing (e.g. analyses or predictions) go to the main data center for further review. (You’ll see below that we even use this capability to perform personalization and give customers their own custom AI models!)

Super-fast AI processing means that when a potential threat pops up, Deep Sentinel’s live guards know within seconds. See just how fast Deep Sentinel is in this crime stop footage:

Eagle Eyes

AI doesn’t get tired or distracted. It relentlessly sifts through footage, picking up on subtle details that might slip past a stressed-out homeowner or overworked security guard.

By analyzing vast amounts of data with pinpoint accuracy, AI enhances Deep Sentinel’s threat detection capabilities and false alarms. This heightened effectiveness ensures that every security incident receives the attention it deserves.

Cost-Conscious Hero

Traditional live monitoring or night patrols can get very expensive as you add more guards. On average, onsite security guards cost $6,000 per month or more, not including hidden costs like benefits and supplies.

With Deep Sentinel, AI takes over the tedious work, allowing trained guards to focus on the most critical situations. That’s how we can offer professional-level protection at a literal fraction of the cost—just a few hundred dollars per month on average.

It’s a win-win for keeping costs down and efficiency up.

Always Evolving

AI is constantly learning by recognizing new patterns and potential risks. In the realm of security, quality is non-negotiable. AI is able to adjust to real-world scenarios more quickly than any human. Move a camera, AI can tell immediately.

Quality, Quality, Quality

Quality, quality, quality. This is really where Deep Sentinel leverages AI to shine. As mentioned above, AI doesn’t tire—but it can do so much more than being always on.

AI can do incredible things like identify that our LSC guards (the superheroes behind the AI) may have made a mistake—or, better yet, when they are prone to do so. This technology helps us understand the strengths and weaknesses of our LSC guards.

AI can listen in on customer interactions, evaluate the severity of a call with the police, and focus our attention on the situations that need it.

Ongoing Investment: An AI Company vs. “Using AI”

Ultimately, this all comes together in a business model decision we have made that sets us apart. Deep Sentinel is the only AI technology innovator that understands how to apply AI to video to achieve the outcomes we need: safe, more effective businesses and secure homes.

Sure, lots of companies are saying AI in every conversation. In reality, they’re just using off-the-shelf technology and calling it AI. But that’s not how best-of-breed companies like Deep Sentinel operate. We have AI engineers on staff analyzing data, building models, tracking the state of the art and constantly improving our technology.

And this is proven in AI as IP.

Deep Sentinel’s AI Intellectual Property (IP)

Deep Sentinel’s combination of AI-powered camera surveillance and proactive live intervention isn’t something easily copied by competitors.

By harnessing the power of AI, Deep Sentinel offers a level of proactive security that transcends traditional methods. Our patent portfolio includes the next generation—and the next next generation—of innovation that will push the industry forward, including our issued patents (and our broad set of patents that are still in process):

  • US11074791B2: This invention and its methods focus on automatically detecting security threats by identifying potential threats in encoded video streams. This means we can be even faster, and even more power efficient.
  • US10304303B2: This invention empowers us to combine our AI security cameras with Wi-Fi signals in the environment—identifying mobile devices, Bluetooth devices, etc.

AI Is What We Do, How We Do It, and Ultimately Who We Are

AI is the engine and armament we give to our LSC guards to make them superheroes. And, as in any arms race, in the AI arms race, we arm our people with the best technology out there. That’s why Deep Sentinel’s AI makes us the revolutionary security company we are today and into the future.

P.S. Yup, privacy is important, too! If you’re interested in learning more about our industry-leading Privacy Practices, you’ll be thrilled to discover that we’re leading the way in responsible AI usage.

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