Burglars Hit Rams Head Coach McVay’s LA Home

by | Apr 22, 2019

Thieves Take $20,000 In Jewelry, Cash and Other Pricey Items

Three burglars brazenly broke into the Los Angeles-area home of Sean McVay, head coach for the Los Angeles Rams football team.  The thieves stole over $20,000 worth of cash, jewelry and purses from the home, according to TMZ Sports and other media reports.

In addition, the crooks damaged the home itself, including the back door where they forced open to gain entry. The extent of the damage has not yet been assessed.

McVay’s Ring Security System Fails to Deter Break-In

Once again, the Ring Security System, unlike Deep Sentinel which employs live 24/7 live video security surveillance agents who deter thieves before they get inside, failed to prevent or halt a home break-in. McVay’s Ring system reportedly sent an alarm to the police. But a recent Deep Sentinel survey finds that police departments in the U.S. often may ignore or may be slow to respond to burglar alarms because of the overwhelming number of false alarms straining their resources.

Deep Sentinel’s surveillance agents, many of whom are retired police officers, talk directly to police dispatchers. They quickly convey to police personnel that they see a crime in progress; not a dog or squirrel accidently setting off an alarm.

McVay’s Ring system also passively captured brief video footage of the burglars once they entered the home. Deep Sentinel believes it’s important to prevent thieves from entering a home. Our artificial intelligence-enhanced cameras focus on all the perimeters of a home’s property and alert our agents as soon as that perimeter is breached.

Police involved in the McVay case say they will try to identify the thieves based on the Ring surveillance footage, according to media reports. But we’ve seen the footage and it is brief, blurry, black and white. It offers only a glimpse at the thieves whose faces are covered and one of whom puts his hand over the camera lens to hide their nefarious deeds. Deep Sentinel’s cutting-edge cameras get sharp full-color imagery. And if activity sets off our cameras, that means one of our live agents has been alerted and is viewing it live; ready to intervene.

McVay Bought Luxury Home Following Rams Hire

McVay bought the six-bedroom six-bathroom home in the hills of Encino, California for $2.71 million in March 2017.  He purchased the home after accepting the position as head coach for the LA Rams; becoming at age 30 the youngest head coach in NFL history. “The 4,660 square-foot home, originally built in 1966, features an open concept floor plan,” real estate website Trulia reported at the time.

McVay moved to the upscale home with his live-in girlfriend Veronika Khomyn after selling his Reston, Virginia townhouse. McVay spent six years coaching for the Washington D.C. Redskins team. McVay told ESPN during an interview at the time he was surprised to learn from his girlfriend that details about their new home appeared all over social media. “It’s everywhere, where we live and all that stuff,” he said.

Neither McVay nor Woods were home during the Thursday night break-in.

Several LA athletes, including Rams wide receiver Robert Woods and many celebrities returned home to face burglarized homes lately. The LAPD busted not one but two separate burglary operations breaking into celebrity homes. One group of alleged gang members tracked celebrities’ social media and online performance/game calendars to determine when they’d be away. Another burglar, likely working with accomplices, attended real estate open houses for celebrities’ homes, then returned later to rob them.

Although police sidelined these criminals, it seems there are new ones in town. We recommend calling Deep Sentinel today.

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