Police Bust 4 Possible LA Bling Ring Perps

by | Oct 19, 2018 | Blogs, News

Bling Ring May Be Responsible for Two Dozen High End Heists

In a major breakthrough, LA police arrested four possible perpetrators in an astounding streak of celebrity home burglaries. The brazen break-ins have plagued LaLa Land celebrities spanning the spectrum of hip-hop and rap artists, major league athletes, movie stars and musicians. The crimes cut across ages, nationalities and races. All that mattered was access to celeb bling – jewelry, collectible watches, designer and vintage clothes, purses and luggage and most of all stashes of hard cash.

The four suspects are allegedly connected to robbing the homes of Rihanna, Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig and Rams wide receiver Robert Woods, according to police comments to the Associated Press and published in the San Francisco Chronicle and many other media sources. But police say they believe the four suspects now in custody are part of a larger bling ring operating in the area.

This bling ring may be to blame for about two dozen celebrity burglaries and may have stolen millions of dollars in pricey personal property reports Lilian Carranza, the head of the LAPD Commercial Crimes Division.  Expect more arrests soon, she said. This is just the beginning.

Arrested Suspects: Three Teens and a Mom

Police revealed the names of the four arrested suspects in a news conference. They include: Tyress Wiliams, age 19, Jshawne Lamon Daniels, 19, Damaji Corey Hall, 18 and his mother Ashley Jennifer Hall, 34.

Williams was the first one caught. He was booked into a Van Nuys jail.  He pleaded not guilty to four felonies. His bail was set at $700,000. The other three suspects are being held in another jail.

The burglary ring may be associated with area gangs and the arrested suspects are thought to be gang members.

Celebrities Targeted Based on Their Away Schedules

The burglars targeted celebrities based on their schedules which they tracked on social media. They would study social media postings, concert tour dates and major league game schedules to figure out when celebrities would be away from their homes. The suspects called their alleged nefarious activities “flocking.” That term meant they flocked like birds to areas in and around LA where the rich and famous live.

To familiarize themselves with the upscale neighborhoods of celebrity homes, they would wear button-down shirts and drive around in luxury cars getting to know the streets.

They first knocked on the door of a targeted home and if no one answered, they’d smash a door or window. Then they headed straight for the master bedroom to grab luxury jewelry, clothes and cash.

When police searched the home of one of the suspects, they discovered a list of a dozen other potential victims. The list includes Le Bron James, Matt Damon and Viola Davis.

Breakthrough Came from LA Rams Player’s Home Break-In

The big breakthrough in the complex case came after a September 27 break-in at the home LA Rams wide receiver Robert Woods, states the news website The Heavy. While Woods was busy playing a game against the Minnesota Vikings at the LA Coliseum, thieves were busy ransacking his home.

A concerned neighbor phoned police and was able to give them a description of the getaway car. A short while later the car was pulled over for an unrelated traffic stop. When the officer looked in the car he noticed a firearm and what appeared to be stolen personal property. He soon realized that the vehicle was the one used to flee Woods’s home. A detective later identified the stolen items as belonging to Woods.

Search warrants obtained for the suspects’ homes resulted in the discovery of many other allegedly stolen valuables – watches, jewelry and designer purses – and $50,000 in cash. The police have displayed the items at the station in the hopes that their celebrity owners will come down to the station and identify them.

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