Intruder Bathes, Cooks and More in Elderly Woman’s Home

by | Jan 30, 2019

It wasn’t quite Halloween yet, but the elderly woman sensed something spooky as soon as she walked in through her front door. Her instincts proved correct. Although the strange presence wasn’t a supernatural one, it was equally frightening.

Mary Royster froze on the spot when a strange young man confronted her in her own living room in her rural northern Alabama home.

Intruder Said He Was Waiting for His Laundry to Dry

“Who are you? What are you doing in my house?” Royster managed to demand of the stranger, according to a local ABC news station and other media reports.

“I’m waiting on my clothes to dry,” he coolly replied. And in a reversal of the Red Riding Hood story in which the intruding wolf tries to pretend he’s the grandmother, this intruder tried to pretend he was the woman’s grandchild. “I’m your grandson. Don’t you know who I am?” he said.

“No, you’re not,” Royster said, who actually has grandchildren. She quickly stepped back outside into her front yard, called the local police and waited there until they arrived.

Intruder Accomplished Many Personal Chores

Laundry wasn’t the only chore on the intruder’s to-do list. He apparently spent quite a bit of time at the home before Royster had walked in. While in her home, he’d bathed, shaved with a razor he found in the medicine cabinet, clipped his toenails and brushed his teeth. Then after putting his laundry in the washer, he further made himself at home. He went into the kitchen, found a toaster and skillet and made himself a very hearty fried egg, ham and melted cheese sandwich on toast. With mayo and onions.

Although he allegedly rifled through every drawer and closet in the house and rummaged through Royster’s jewelry boxes, as reported in Vice, he hadn’t taken anything. Except for some laundry detergent, a razor and the ingredients to make his tasty sandwich. Perhaps when he gets out of prison, he ought to consider becoming a short order cook?

Intruder Has Previous Record

After it was all over, plucky southerner Royster told reporters from that she thought the whole thing was rather funny. However local law enforcement officials are taking it quite seriously.

Police told they suspect the intruder could’ve been high on narcotics, which may help explain why he would commit a felony just to take a bath and fix himself something to eat. He’s now facing up to ten years in prison on a burglary charge.

Limestone County Police identified the suspect as Tyler Keefe Love. Five days before his arrest at Royster’s home, Love was released from jail on a $2,500 bond in a marijuana possession case, court records show.

Love also had been held on a probation violation charge in connection with a 2017 burglary case, according to court papers. He was sentenced to 12 months participation in a community corrections program followed by two years on probation. His bail at Limestone County jail is currently set at $10,000.

Intruder Wouldn’t Have Made That Sandwich If Deep Sentinel Was Watching

Although the intruder didn’t get to finish his sandwich before police arrived and arrested him, if Deep Sentinel was watching the home, he wouldn’t even have made the sandwich. That’s because he wouldn’t have gotten inside the home.

Deep Sentinel’s proprietary AI-cameras would have alerted our 24-hour trained surveillance agents to Love’s presence on the grounds of Royster’s home. Through a speaker, an agent would have asked him why he was there. If not satisfied with his answer, the agent is authorized to call the police. Immediately. Love would have been arrested and gone before Royster reached home. She would have been informed by the system about what had happened. But she would not have had to confront a strange man in her living room when she walked through the door. Or have had to cope with his invasive use of her personal space. Deep Sentinel home security cameras combines the best technology with the best human action agents to provide stress-free home security.  Pre-order yours today.

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