Stolen Dog Greets Police At Suspect’s Home

by | Feb 1, 2019

Deep Sentinel

Friendly Golden Retriever Leads to Alleged Burglar’s Arrest

Hey, it’s Scooby to the rescue! Or was Scooby the one rescued? Or maybe it’s both? Police who were trying to solve a series of four burglaries in Brooklyn knew they had the right guy when Scooby, a cheerful four-year-old Golden Retriever, greeted them at the door. The big dog with the wagging tail matched the description of a four-year-old dog stolen from one of the burglarized homes.

Soon the 23-year-old suspect was under arrest, according to WCBS News and other media

Dog Tips Off Police to Get a Search Warrant

The NYPD were investigating a string of four burglaries near 12th Street and Highlawn Avenue in the Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn.  One of the home owners provided them with a video from a home security camera showing the burglary in progress. The police officers thought they recognized the burglar in the video as someone they’d arrested before.  Sure enough, the suspect’s address was 13th Street; a block from the scene of the crime.

When they went to the suspect’s home and knocked on the door, they got a surprise: an excited hound with tail wagging — Scooby — bounded to the door to welcome them.

Police Find Treasure Trove of Stolen Goods in Suspect’s Home

Realizing the dog was the one reported stolen, the police soon obtained a search warrant for the suspect’s apartment. “Hidden in plain sight” all over the apartment, according to the police report were many stolen items. These included a machete, a sword, a knife, prescription pills, jewelry, phones, credit cards, passports, green cards and a police scanner tuned to the local precinct.

And the police also found a dog leash with the name “Scooby” embroidered on it, as reported by and other news reports.

The suspect is now under arrest for burglary and other charges. The suspect’s apartment is in a house owned by a 79-year-old woman. The landlady’s grandson claims the suspect also stole items from her including cash and a pocket watch that once belonged to his grandfather.

Scooby – referred to as “Scooby-doo” in the NYPD’s tweets – has been reunited with his owner.

Intervention and Prevention With Deep Sentinel

We at Deep Sentinel are delighted that Scooby was found safe and is back at home. And that many other of the stolen items also will be able to be reclaimed by their rightful owners. But once again we see a situation where a home security system – in the one home that even had one – did nothing but take passive video footage of the crime in progress. With Deep Sentinel’s home security cameras, our trained home surveillance agents would have stopped the burglar in his tracks and Scooby’s owner would never have had to wonder “Scooby-doo, where are you?” Order yours today.

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