Deep Sentinel vs Stealth Monitoring

Deep Sentinel and Stealth Monitoring both offer security solutions for businesses, but they have a much different approach to how they handle monitoring & crime prevention.







Deep Sentinel is the only system that allows live guards to verbally engage with suspects in real-time to prevent a crime before it occurs. Deep Sentinel guards can see and hear everything, as well. They can also trigger sirens through the camera’s speaker.



Stealth cannot verbally engage with the perpetrator but they can set off an audible pre-set recording. They can see what is going on and can set off an alarm or pre-recorded message if they suspect something is wrong.





Deep Sentinel Guards are all based in the United States, with live monitoring centers located in California.



Stealth has monitoring centers based both overseas (Manila, Toronto) and in the United States (Texas).





Deep Sentinel gives you flexibility in terms of hardware and installation. All Deep Sentinel wireless systems can be installed on your own, in under 30 minutes. If you prefer a hard-wired solution with professional installation, Deep Sentinel has a network of certified installers around the country.



Stealth does not offer any wireless equipment, so installation is mandatory. Stealth primarily uses GeoVision cameras, as they do not manufacture their own equipment. Stealth requires a dedicated line of internet, so you will need to set-up a separate connection with your internet service provider.





Deep Sentinel will intervene within 5-10 seconds of a suspicious person entering your camera’s field of view. Stealth Monitoring does not have a response time guarantee.

Deep Sentinel

Stealth Monitoring



All of Deep Sentinel’s packages include a Smart AI-Hub and wireless or hardwired cameras for outdoor use. Additional upgrades are available such as solar panels, wifi boosters, etc.

Stealth does not supply their own brand of equipment. They primarily use GeoVision cameras, but may be able to integrate with other camera brands. 


Lifetime warranty for as long as you’re a customer. If you choose to lease your equipment, it will be covered under warranty during your service. If you purchase hardware upfront, you will get a standard manufacturer warranty.


Monitoring Costs

Starting at $60/mo for a single camera system. Deep Sentinel does not overcharge based on usage, the same flat rate will apply every month. Your guard’s shifts are fully customizable in the Deep Sentinel app. 

Starting at $100/mo for a single camera after-hours (10 hour shift) with low activity. Monthly charges will increase based on usage. Higher activity area or longer shifts = higher costs.


Upfront Costs

Starting at $399 for a 1 camera system.  Upfront costs start at $1600-$2000 dependent on the GeoVision camera. You can choose to lease the equipment over the life of your contract.



1-year minimum commitment, and month-to-month thereafter. 1-year, 3-year, or 5-year commitment dependent on the package you choose.


Deep Sentinel

4.9/5.0), 132 reviews


Stealth Monitoring

3.3/5.0), 49 reviews

Deep Sentinel for your business

Deep Sentinel – The Only System with Guards Included

Deep Sentinel

Stealth Monitoring

Guards Who Engage
with Intruders Verbally


No. Alarm or pre-recorded
message only.

Preventing Crime

Both Inside & Outside of Business

Outside of Business

Monthly Monitoring Cost

Starting at $60 per month. Always a flat rate
per camera, no matter the usage.

Starting at $100 per month for low-level activity camera.
Monthly charges will increase based on camera usage.

Can Verify Crime





Equipment under warranty if you choose
to lease your equipment.

Contract Required

1 year

1-year, 3 year, or 5-year depending
on the package you choose.

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