Comparing Live Monitored Security Systems

by | Apr 20, 2022

By the end of 2025, the global video surveillance market is expected to reach a value of $43.8 billion. About thirty-six percent (36%) of this comes from North America, making it the largest contributor. This is an expected outcome since many private and public entities choose to invest in live monitored security systems. In fact, homes and businesses take the lead in using live video monitoring for daily security.

If you’ve decided to integrate live monitoring through your home or business security cameras, there are many main options to choose from. To help you find the best system, we’ve covered the three top live monitored security systems in the market today. These are Deep Sentinel, Pro-Vigil, and Stealth.

But first, let’s get to know the basics of a live monitoring service.

What is a Live Monitored Security System?

Live security monitoring detects and responds to threats in real time. It has a faster response time, meaning it has a greater chance of catching perpetrators threatening the property. This also makes it a powerful crime prevention tool. Usually, when criminals become aware of the cameras set in place, they will likely move on and find an easier target.

Furthermore, live monitoring services take care of the installation and implementation of the system. What makes the service appealing is that they go out of their way to develop a video surveillance system to meet their clients’ needs and budgets. After installation, some teams will monitor the video surveillance live. 

Live video security monitoring systems can help people feel that all their security needs are met and allow them to focus on their daily lives without worrying about safety.


Founded by Jeremy White in the early ’90s, Pro-Vigil is a surveillance solutions company based in San Antonio, Texas. In 2006, the company landed its first commercial clients: construction sites that traditionally experience high theft and vandalism. From there, the company has since served different clients from various industries. Besides its fixed surveillance services, Pro-Vigil also offers mobile surveillance, which is appealing to many clients.

Let’s take a look at Pro-Vigil’s fixed surveillance services and their features.

Pro-Vigil’s Fixed Surveillance Services

There are a few phases for implementing the live monitored security surveillance by Pro-Vigil. It starts with signing the service agreement, then an installation prep call, followed by installation, and finally customer portal training before onboarding is complete.

According to the company, its solutions deter a staggering 97% of intruders before crimes happen. Moreover, its total response time averages 18 seconds. Upon threat identification, the Pro-Vigil surveillance team sounds the audiovisual deterrents to warn the intruders or calls for authorities if needed.

Pro-Vigil Features

  • Audio and Visual Deterrents
  • Camera Health Monitoring
  • IP Camera Hosting
  • Mobile App
  • Remote Project Management
  • Video Analytics

Stealth Monitoring

Stealth Monitoring is a security solutions company founded by Sidney Sommer in Toronto, Canada, in 2003. The company’s initial goal was to replace or supplement security guards on construction sites with live video surveillance. Since then, the company has expanded with another headquarters in Dallas, Texas. In fact, it now has 19 regional offices and three redundant live video monitoring control centers.

Stealth Live Video Monitoring And Surveillance

The company presents many benefits to potential clients, from cost-effective services to 24/7 live video monitoring. In 18 years in the industry, Stealth now has about 1,250 protected sites, monitoring around 30,000 cameras in North America. Through real-time surveillance, the team also averages 500 arrests annually. The company also guarantees security investment savings of up to 25-60% and less liability than hiring security guards.

Stealth Monitoring Features

  • Go-Live Reporting
  • Audio deterrent
  • Video archive
  • Expiring video hyperlinks
  • Management reporting

Deep Sentinel

Deep Sentinel is a security company founded in 2016 and based in Pleasanton, California. Founder David Selinger built the security system primarily for the safety of his family. He first got the idea when invaders struck a neighbor’s home. Worried that they might go through the same experience, he took the time to learn about their neighborhood’s security and potential solutions. It was here that he discovered video monitoring. And so, this live monitored security system is the result of video monitoring innovations with fully customized hardware, artificial intelligence, and human intervention.

Deep Sentinel Security Products

The system works in just three steps. First, the cameras detect potential threats through the local AI. Next, live security guards will keep watch over the surveillance. Finally, in case of potential threats, the guards can engage with the threat through two-way audio and contact the police within seconds. The company reports hundreds of stopped crimes, with zero false alarms.

Also, Deep Sentinel home security cameras come in both wireless and Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) formats. The wireless solution is a DIY product that requires no installation costs. It’s currently the most popular option for homes, apartments, and small-to-medium businesses. In comparison, the PoE systems require professional installation. This is usually the go-to option for commercial properties, car lots, warehouses, and large homes.

Deep Sentinel Wireless Solution

This product consists of DIY wireless cameras that have 2-way audio for guard engagement. Its other features include:

  • Long-lasting battery
  • Wide field of view
  • Crime prevention with live guards

Deep Sentinel PoE Cameras

The PoE camera system provides ultra HD video resolution also with 2-way audio for guard engagement. Other features include:

  • Superior color night-vision
  • Ultra 4k/8MP video resolution
  • Crime prevention with live guards

Comparing Live-Monitored Systems

Pro-Vigil Stealth Monitoring Deep Sentinel
Level of Engagement Live monitoring teams cannot verbally engage with potential intruders. Instead, they can set off an audible pre-set recording alarm. Live monitoring teams also cannot verbally engage with potential intruders. Instead, they can set off an audible pre-set recording alarm. Live monitoring teams can verbally engage with potential intruders through the 2-way audio feature of their product. At the same time, alarms can also be triggered through the camera speakers.
Monitoring Center Monitoring centers are based in the United States and overseas. Monitoring centers are based in the United States, Toronto, and Manila. Monitoring centers are all based in the United States.
Installation & Setup Installation and setup are necessary, and cameras will depend upon your brand choice.

Installation and setup are mandatory. Since the company uses GeoVision cameras, you’ll need a dedicated internet connection during set-up. This will require you to set up a separate connection with our internet service provider.

The Wireless Solution is a DIY package that can be installed within a minimum of 30 minutes. Meanwhile, the PoE solution will require professional installation. Deep Sentinel also has a network of certified installers in the US.


The average response time is 18 seconds, whereby a pre-recorded alarm is set off.

Stealth does not guarantee any response times.

The average response time is 5-10 seconds when an intruder enters the camera’s field of view.

Hardware Options

Hardware will depend upon the customer’s choice of camera brand.

The company does not have its own brand of cameras. Instead, they use GeoVision cameras for their systems. Compatible camera brands may also be included.

Smart AI Hub, wireless or hard-wired cameras for outdoor use, and additional items such as wifi boosters, solar panels, and more.


Since the camera is off the hands of the company, the warranty will depend on the camera manufacturer instead.

Warranty for leased equipment is covered during the service, while fully purchased hardware gets a standard manufacturer warranty.

Lifetime warranty as long as you are a customer.
Monitoring Costs

Starts at $180/month for single-camera systems.

Starts at $100/month for a single camera system. Monthly charges increase based on usage (the higher the activity or, the longer the shifts, the higher the costs).

Starts at $60/month for single-camera systems. No additional charges based on usage. Live guard shifts are also customizable via the Deep Sentinel App.

Contract 3-year minimum commitment, and year-to-year thereafter. 3-year or 5-year commitment, and year-to-year thereafter. 1-year commitment, and month-to-month thereafter.

Customer Reviews via Google

Deep Sentinel
(4.9/5.0), 132 reviews

Stealth Monitoring
(3.3/5.0), 49 reviews

(3.2/5.0), 58 reviews


So, what’s the best live monitored security system for your property?

Whether you’re looking for live monitored security solutions for your home or business, you can always count on these three major service providers.


If you want a well-established company, you can either choose Pro-Vigil or Stealth since they are established earlier than Deep Sentinel. Remember, though, that Pro-Vigil and Stealth require professional installation and do not manufacture their own cameras. This means that it is still your responsibility to choose the cameras. However, Deep Sentinel manufactures its own camera and even offers a wireless DIY option, so you won’t have to spend more on installation. 

Live Guards

While all three have live guards to monitor your video surveillance, only Deep Sentinel allows guards to engage with potential intruders directly. The other two only set off a pre-recorded alarm. Average response times are also short, as expected, since there are live guards behind the scenes to respond. Al technology also plays a significant role in Deep Sentinel’s short response times.


It’s easy to see that Deep Sentinel is the most cost-effective of the three. It also offers no additional charges, and shifts are changeable through the app, unlike Stealth with its fixed after-hours shift. You also don’t need to worry about the warranty with Deep Sentinel since it offers a lifetime warranty.

Customer Reviews

And if we base on the customer reviews, it’s clear that Deep Sentinel easily tops the other two. However, it’s best to remember that choosing one will still depend upon your goals and, of course, your budget. If you’re still having trouble with choosing, you can always contact each provider for clarifications and concerns.

Need a Solution that Prevents Crime?

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