How To Hide Security Camera Wires Outside

by | Oct 19, 2022

Burglaries happen too often, about 4,500 home burglaries per day in the United States. That’s why many property owners use home security cameras with live video surveillance to protect their homes. However, hard-wired cameras can be vulnerable if the wires are exposed. This gives burglars the opportunity to cut the wires and render your security camera useless. Fortunately, there are simple and inexpensive ways to hide security camera wires and prolong the lifespan of your cameras.

Method 1: Camouflage the Wires With Paint

This first method is the best and most straightforward way to hide your security camera wires safely outside.

To do this, paint the wires the same color as the surface they’re mounted to. Doing so can camouflage the cables and hide them from the burglar’s view. There are two ways to paint the wires. The first is using detachable wires so you can paint the wires before plastering them into the wall. The second option is to staple the wires neatly to the wall with a staple gun so you can easily paint over them. This option typically works best, as wires that are perfectly fastened to the walls are much harder for burglars to detect, especially from a distance.

Method 2: Buy Wires That Match Your Wall Paint

Painting the wires can be difficult and messy. Finding a wire that’s the same color as your wall is the easier way to go. There are lots of colors for camera wires, so you shouldn’t have a hard time finding one that matches your wall. Visit your local electronics store or search online. Even if the wires aren’t an exact match to the paint, close is close enough. They can still serve as an excellent way to camouflage your security camera wires.

Method 3: Use Plastic Tubing for the Wires

Another effective but slightly more complex method is putting the wires inside a plastic tubing that runs throughout the wall. Using plastic tubes hides the cables quickly and prevents external damage from weather, intruders, and animals. However, keep in mind that this method will typically require a licensed contractor, which will incur additional installation costs.

Method 4: Hide Wires Inside A False Ceiling

You can also use a false or secondary ceiling (if you have one) to hide the security camera wires. Like plastic tubes, the roof can provide coverage so your wires won’t get damaged easily. To use this method, find a gap in your false ceiling to insert the wires through. It’s always advisable to ask professionals to do the installation. They know the best, safest installation method and won’t cause any damage to your ceilings.

Method 5: Hide the Wires Inside Your Baseboards

If you don’t have a false ceiling, you can use this alternate method. Putting the cables inside your baseboards is the tidiest way to hide security camera wires. Baseboards run along the wall near the floors and you can easily remove them and put them back. This way, you can safely and neatly tuck away the wires through the gap in the wall and floor. Also, this method is pretty easy, so you likely won’t need to hire a licensed contractor.

Method 6: Mount Decorative Pieces and Hangings Along the Wire

Using decorative pieces on your porch is a quick and easy way to hide the security camera wires. This method is inexpensive and very simple to set up. Hide the wires behind decor along the wall or behind your outdoor furniture. Fasten any hanging wires with binder clips or zip ties.

Method 7: Bury the Cables Underneath Your Porch or Garden

This method involves more effort than the others. Hiding your wires underground is best done during the construction of the property, so there will be no need to disassemble your patio or garden. Again, since this is a somewhat complex method of hiding the wires, and it’s best to leave this job to licensed professionals.

Method 8: Get a Wireless Security Camera System

Last but not least, simply consider buying wireless security cameras. This method is the most effective way to prevent burglars from cutting wires. After all, there are no wires attached to the camera at all. There are other advantages to wireless cameras, too. With a wireless camera, you can easily mount it in any spot you’d like. Some wireless security cameras can even stay powered through solar panels.

The Best Way to Hide Camera Wires

From the methods above, there are many easy ways to hide security camera wires. Out of all the tips above, the most effective is installing wireless security cameras. Deep Sentinel’s wireless cameras come with a unique feature: live security guards that monitor your home 24/7. The burglars won’t stand a chance.

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