Safety Guide for First Floor Apartments

by | Mar 5, 2022 | Blogs, Home Security

We should always secure our homes at all times, whether we live in our own house or just a renter to an apartment. But at times, the apartment security measures may still not be enough to ease your worries for securities, especially if you live on the first floor of the apartment building. 

First floors are prone to foot traffic, passersby, and maintenance workers. It is also the typical target for burglars due to its ease of access. To put an extra layer of security for your first-floor apartment, we have gathered tips on how to improve your first-floor apartment safety from the dangers of burglary.

1. Choose your apartment wisely.

If you are still planning to move to a first-floor apartment, you must choose which apartment you live in. Think about the position Install a portable alarm.

The best alarm for apartment renters is wireless alarms. They don’t require invasive drilling into the walls and can be taken with you if you move. This kind of portable alarm operates through internet service. It has features like window sensors, panic buttons, and duress codes that can alert the authorities if you ever get in danger. This portable alarm can also get integrated into your smartphone, just as said earlier.

2. Install indoor cameras for eyes to check your outdoor space.

Since first floors will always have passersby going to and fro, having a constant visual of your apartment exterior is a must. Thus, you should install indoor cameras for eyes so you can check who is going to and from in your apartment door. These cameras are easy to put up and operate and do not require being wired or plugged in. So before opening your door, always check to see who is outside. This precaution is a must for maintaining your first-floor apartment safety.

3. Consider more natural ways to secure your first-floor apartment safety.

A home security system is mainly a secondary security precaution for your first-floor apartment safety. If you want to have a heavily secured apartment, never forget to lock your doors and windows whenever possible. Having dogs can also put extra security against break-ins. And whenever you leave for an extended period, leave at least one light on to set the illusion of someone inside the apartment. Another thing to consider is that you should also keep your keys unmarked if you lose your keys. Ensure that your landlord changes the lock of your apartment before moving in so that there are no spare keys from the former owner floating around.

4. Make good use of your smartphone.

In today’s age, you can control the security of your apartment just through your smartphone. There are already tons of existing home security systems that get integrated into mobile applications. You can easily monitor camera feeds and sensors through a mobile app or get constant notifications for unwanted movements/activities inside your apartment. Even if you are away from your apartment, you can still be sure that it is safe from burglary.

5. Get your landlord to help.

Talk to your landlord first if you plan to install another set of security measures inside your apartment. You might get in trouble if you suddenly install something without the landlord’s consent. Your landlord may also help you cut off some expenses for installing. It is always not a bad deal to tell your landlord some things that involve your first-floor apartment safety.

6. Use interior sensors to your advantage.

First-floor apartments do not have lawns or gates and thus are vulnerable to break-ins through windows and doors. It is recommended to install a motion detector inside your apartment. You should install it at the possible entry points for burglars, such as the entry doors or kitchen windows. Ensure to cover them too so that the burglar won’t see much inside your apartment from outside, which can add attention and interest to stealing your things.


Don’t have doubts about heightening the security of your first-floor apartment. Your safety is always the priority, especially in your personal space. And if you are paying your living expenses well, then you highly deserve excellent and reliable security!

Always take into consideration these 6 tips you should implement for your first-floor apartment safety. If you are looking for the right technology to protect your home, check us out at Deep Sentinel. We offer a surveillance system that has AI-enabled scanning features that can detect potential threats in real-time. With a 24/7 live video surveillance, you don’t have to worry about break-ins to your apartment. Get in touch with us today!

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