Top 3 Products We Found At CES 2020

by | Jan 13, 2020 | Blogs, Home Security

CES is the annual gathering of the technology industry, showcasing the latest gadgets and industry standards. In 2020, over 175,000 attendees visited the show, with thousands of vendors showing everything from smart toilets to a home assistant shaped like a ball. CES is a great event and a brilliant opportunity to get close to the latest technology, and also mingle with like minded technologists from all over the planet. The events that happen outside the show floor at from CES, such as panels (in which Apple was in attendance for the first time in over a decade), happy hours, and countless entertainment shows make for an action packed week that may require training to prepare for. We highlighted our favorite products of the show here:

Innovative Products at CES2

The LG Smart Door

The new Smart Door from LG takes the front door to a whole new level. Featuring face and palm scanning for entry, this door is something more out of a sci fi movie than what you might find in the streets of Anytown USA. With two delivery receptacles, including a refrigerated one, the Smart Door is here to adapt to the age of frequent food delivery and keyless entry. The one thing we found they could use a boost on: a camera designed to see who is in the front yard, and who might be approaching from the street.

Impossible Foods’ Plant Based Pork

Impossible Foods has been disrupting meat in the few years they’ve existed, taking on the burgers first, and now moving on to pork. The burger has received great reviews, actually browning from a pink tone as it cooks. At CES, they released a pork substitute that truly looks and feels like the real thing. Considering the resources required for meat production, the millions of animals slaughtered, and the strain on the environment, this innovation has the potential to disrupt the food supply chain in the best way possible.

The 10 Second Toothbrush

The Y-Brush is here to reduce the time it takes to brush your teeth – and to do it with more precision than a standard brush. Tooth brushing has been a relatively standard activity, yet considering everyone in the developed world is (should be) brushing their teeth two times a day, this is a major market that we’re happy to see change within. This year, the French company FasTeesh (brilliant name) released the Y-brush, which claims to brush each half of your mouth in five seconds. Considering they are turning a two minute process into a ten second one, this is an innovation that we are happy to see!

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