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Who benefits from Deep Sentinel for Business? Any business with a physical store, office, building, lot, or property that needs protection from burglary and other crimes. Deep Sentinel serves businesses of all sizes from a wide range of industries across the United States.

Below, you’ll find the industries that request Deep Sentinel for Business the most frequently. If you own or manage a company in another industry, our team would be happy to speak with you about how we can serve your security needs.

Surveillance for Businesses of All Kinds

auto dealership

Auto Dealers

A showroom and car lot full of vehicles is always at risk. Protect your dealership from thieves and vandals with automotive dealership live video surveillance.

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cannabis shop


Cannabis is a popular target for theft. Comply with local laws and protect your dispensary with cannabis security cameras armed with live guard intervention.

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church blue sky

Churches & Houses of Worship

Protect what matters most with church security cameras from Deep Sentinel, backed by AI and live monitoring.

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construction site


Eliminate vandalism, theft, loitering, and more with construction security cameras. Your job site has never been more secure with Deep Sentinel.

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tractors on a farm

Farms & Agriculture

Rural properties present security challenges. Prevent equipment theft, protect your livestock, and much more with a farm monitoring system.

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gas station at night

Gas Stations

Protect your staff and retain your customers by prioritizing gas station security. Deep Sentinel stops car break-ins, gas theft, and much more.

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church blue sky

Jewelry Stores

Jewelers and goldsmiths across the U.S. trust Deep Sentinel to protect their wares. Get proactive crime prevention for your jewelry store.

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Apartment Complex

Multi-Family Residential

Apartment and condominium buildings have complex security needs and require innovative security solutions.

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cannabis building

Office Buildings

Office building live monitoring helps you manage all sorts of security threats, both internal and external. Trust a solution that’s always watching.

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parking lot inside

Parking Lots & Garages

Criminals look for crimes of opportunity, like a lot or structure full of vehicles. Live guard surveillance protects your property. 

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power substation

Power Substations

Deep Sentinel offers top-of-the-line power substation monitoring to keep vital infrastructure safe from vandals, intruders, thieves, and more.

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Rental Property

Rental Properties

Smart security cameras and live professional monitoring combine to create the only rental property monitoring that prevents crimes.

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restaurant interior


Deep Sentinel protects restaurants across the country with a powerful live guard and video surveillance solution.

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retail store


Minimize shrinkage and boost your bottom line. Smart retail security keeps your customers on their best behavior.

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scrapyard with crame

Scrap Yards & Recycling

Deep Sentinel’s unique approach to scrap yard video surveillance stops thieves and vandals in their tracks.

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self storage with garage doors


Renters trust you to keep their storage units safe. Make self-storage security simple with live surveillance.

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warehouse exterior


No matter what it stores, your warehouse is vulnerable to theft and other crime. Protect it with warehouse security cameras and live monitoring.

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…and many more

The Ultimate Business Security Checklist

Protect your business from burglars and other threats. Download a printable checklist to ensure that you have the right systems and protocols in place.

Why Businesses Choose Deep Sentinel

Proactive Protection

Most security solutions, like traditional alarm systems and CCTV, are only useful after a crime has already taken place. What’s better than solving a crime? Preventing it in the first place. Deep Sentinel’s innovative system uses live intervention by trained professional guards to stop criminals in their tracks before they have a chance to damage or harm your business.

Fast Response

How do monitoring centers react to suspicious activity? Pay attention to when they respond and their level of engagement with intruders. Most security systems never interact with intruders, so they cannot see nor hear what is occurring, which delays or prevents law enforcement from engaging.

No False Alarms

Traditional security systems like ADT and Bay Alarm are plagued with false alarms. These alerts are more than just an annoyance—they can also be expensive and dangerous. Never pay another costly “nuisance alarm” fee or worry that the police will ignore a real call for help. Deep Sentinel’s unique crime verification process eliminates false alarms for good.

Cost-Effective, Comprehensive Coverage

Patrolling security guards can be a great asset, but those guards are only human. They can’t be everywhere at once, and even the best guard can make mistakes. Hiring, training, and managing security personnel is also a huge drain on your resources. Save money and time by enlisting a security service that uses advanced technology to catch every crime.

Generous Contract & Warranty Terms

No one wants to get locked into an agreement, especially if the service doesn’t meet expectations. We’re confident that you’ll love our award-winning surveillance service, but to provide extra peace of mind, our agreement terms are some of the most generous in the industry. Try Deep Sentinel worry-free with our 30-day money-back guarantee plus our 1-year service contract and warranty..


image of live sentinel guards intervene crime

Deep Sentinel: The Only Business Security Cameras with Live Guards Included

Smart cameras are only part of the equation. When the Deep Sentinel system detects a potential threat, highly trained professional guards take over to monitor, intervene, and engage the police. No one does security like Deep Sentinel.

Which Security Option Is Right for My Business?


Designed to withstand extreme temperatures and rain, our easy-to-install wireless cameras capture clear footage day or night. The system securely transmits data via a dedicated internet connection to the AI hub for real-time processing of events.

Best for:

  • Small storefronts and offices
  • Buildings without Ethernet wiring
  • Business owners who want a simple DIY solution

Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)

A hard-wired PoE system offers unmatched reliability and flexibility for larger properties. Choose from dome, bullet, or select third-party cameras and one of two AI hubs, depending on your property size and data processing needs.

Best for:

  • Large buildings or sites
  • Businesses with many entry points to cover
  • Buildings with existing Ethernet wiring

Discuss Security Options for Your Industry

No matter what kind of business you run, security is a top priority. Protect your business (and your bottom line) with a smart surveillance system with live professional guards. Contact our sales team for assistance with your buying decision.

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