How To Secure Your Windows

by | Feb 15, 2022

Securing your windows is essential. Let’s say that you already have a really good home security system. You might think, why do I need to secure my windows too? Well, for a lot of burglars, windows are a go-to entry point (around 35%). The usual target is the ground floor windows. This is because usually, front doors are well protected. Also, cracking a window is pretty easy too. This guide will help you in burglar proofing your windows, give you window security from burglars, and make your house even more protected. 

Get good window locks

Your windows do probably have locks on them. But many good aftermarket locks can help you take your window safety to the next level. Let’s go over them so that you know what ones you need to get. 

Window Latch: These are the locks that commonly come with windows. These are simple locks, and you should get better locks to reinforce these existing ones. 

Keyed Locks: These locks are attached to the inside of your window and as the name implies, can only be opened with keys. While these do provide good security, it is very important to know where the keys are otherwise, as you can probably guess, there will be an issue. 

Swivel Action Locks: These are really good and convenient locks because this auto-locks your windows when you close them. Amazing right? These come with a snib that automatically locks your window and to open it back up again all you have to do is turn it another way. 

Lag Screws: These are very cheap options that can help you secure your windows better. You’ll have to drill holes in your windows to install these and tighten the washers to prevent the window from opening. It is important to know that lag screws alone will not really provide you with good window security. 

Pin Locks: This will require attaching a part to the window, and one to the window frame. A chain that will be running between the two parts will make sure your windows can not be opened. 

Hinged Wedge Locks: These are great for double-hung  windows. And they also allow you to adjust how much you want the window to open. 

Obviously, do NOT forget to lock windows!

This might be obvious but this needs to  be said. For a log of burglars, breaking a window isn’t particularly attractive. It causes a noise and could hurt them too. Therefore, they are waiting for opportunities to crawl through an open window. Pay special attention to windows that are big enough for people to crawl through. When it comes to window security, this is the simplest yet the most effective step. 

Get Window Sensors

Getting window sensors is an essential part of good home window security. What these do is, when they’re on, if someone opens a window, you will get an alert. Good home security systems have window sensors with them as well. In case someone breaks into your house, security systems like Deep Sentinel can take immediate action and call the cops. 

Get Security Cameras

A lot of people get home security cameras for their front doors. They do not consider windows something that needs camera coverage. But with the high risk of window break-ins, getting cameras to secure windows is a good option. Be careful though you ideally want the camera outside the window. Many people make the mistake of installing the camera inside the window and that can very easily blur the picture. 

Plant a Thorn Bush

The idea here is to make your window less accessible. If you plant a thorny bush right outside your window, your house immediately becomes a much more difficult target for burglars. This is a good tip to stop burglars from even casing your house. 

Get Tempered Glass

Tempered glass windows, also called security windows, make it much harder for burglars to get into your house. This glass is made in conditions that make it 3-5 times harder than normal glass. This is not the toughest glass to exist, but it is certainly tougher than your normal window glass. If someone does manage to break it, iot will shatter completely making it even harder for burglars to do their job. 

Poly-Carbon Windows

These are expensive but extremely effective for providing the best window safety. These are around 10 times stronger than normal windows and hence provide a really solid security. In order to lower your expenses, only get these where you absolutely need them. For example if you had to choose what windows to put polycarbonate glass on, you should probably go floor the ground floor windows (that are big enough for intruders to crawl through). This is because the ground floor windows are usually the best targets. 

Get Laminated Glass

Laminated glass does a decent job when it comes to window security. These aren’t very strong but they are stronger than normal glass. Laminated glass will stop burglars from doing a “smash and grab” because it may take some time to break through these. For a lot of people this is a good enough system for window security. 

Get Motion-Detecting lights

Motion detecting lights are a very effective way to deter burglars. Since burglars thrive in the dark, and easy way to thwart their attempts is having these motion sensing lights that will turn on as soon as they come near your house or windows. Once light shines on them they will probably be running. 

Get Window Bars

Window bars are a foolproof burglar deterrent. The problem is that a lot of people are hesitant about getting these bars because they might ruin the aesthetic of the house. Well there are a lot of options available in the market, and you can choose the bars that go the best with your house. The security that these bars provide is a loot considering even if a burglar does break the window, he still can not enter. Seeing the bars will also stop burglars from even trying. 

Additional Tip

When it comes to keeping your house safe, it is always a good idea to cover up your windows. At night, if your windows are not covered, people will easily be able to see your house from the outside. This can give burglars an idea of “how big a score” your house will be and potential target areas of your house. This will also allow them to smash and grab items near the windows. Better to draw up the curtains and not expose yourself to unnecessary risk. 

Window security is an important part of home security and if done right, combined with a good home security system, will make your house almost impenetrable. Deep Sentinel’s 24/7 virtual guards provides the best home security, because we keep up with the times. Our wireless DIY cameras make it easy for anyone to install. We use artificial intelligence to keep a look out and recognize any suspicious activity going on around your house. The best part is, accompanied with the artificial intelligence are live guards monitoring your house 24/7. Could you be any safer?

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