The Role of Lighting in Home Security

by | Dec 11, 2023

The Role of Lighting in Home Security

While not the most technologically complicated or feature-heavy devices, lights are an absolute must for any full-fledged security plan. The right lighting can deter would-be criminals, enhance surveillance capabilities, and help you keep an eye on your property. Indoor and outdoor lighting for security make your home a safer place.

Below, you’ll find some of the most common security

Outdoor Lighting for Security

There’s nothing quite like a bright light shining on your property to make burglars think twice. After all, they seek crimes of opportunity, and strategically placed lights are fundamental to removing that ease of opportunity. And it’s not just remembering to turn on the front porch light. Here are some other exterior lighting options you’ll want to explore.


As the name denotes, these flood a large physical area with high-intensity light. Given their reach, security floodlights are a great option for yards, driveways, and the perimeter of your property. A waterproof option like this one can withstand the elements in a sturdier fashion than many plastic-casing alternatives.

Always-on floodlights are ideal for entry points or vulnerable areas, anywhere you might want consistent illumination after nightfall. They’re also a smart addition to outdoor nooks and crannies—a detached garage, a back gate, etc.—that are prime hiding spots for a burglar. You can also use floodlights in high-traffic areas to reduce trip or slip accidents.

Be mindful not to install so many lights in your yard that you inadvertently make everything harder to see.

Motion-Activated Lights

Want a step up from your typical floodlights? Try the motion-sensing variety.

A favorite among security experts, motion-activated floodlights turn on when movement triggers them. The sudden splash of light might be enough to scare off a startled intruder. After the movement ceases for a certain period, the lights turn off again. That way, you save on energy costs and you aren’t preventing neighbors from catching a good night’s sleep.

Pathway and Landscape Lighting

Give the walkway to the front door or side door a little extra attention by installing pathway lighting. It’s not just for security, either. You’ll be glad for the extra visibility when you’re juggling bags of groceries or tiptoeing over toys as you make your way toward your house.

Some pathway lighting options may be solar-powered lights that charge during sunny days. You can also look into adding solar lights in other areas that would benefit from some illumination, such as fence corner posts. With a quick online search or stop at your local hardware store, you’ll find several options for path lights and other landscape lights that strike the right balance between functionality and aesthetics.

Night Vision Security Cameras

Let’s talk about a different kind of light: infrared. Night vision security cameras can “see” what’s happening in the dark thanks to infrared light and special filters. These devices emit light that’s invisible to the naked eye, but that still provides sufficient illumination for the camera to capture the scene. Even in the darkest of nights, your camera won’t miss late-night visitors—be it the neighbor’s cat exploring or a would-be burglar maneuvering through your backyard.

If you have home security cameras, you absolutely must have floodlights or cameras with night vision technology. Having both is even better. Otherwise, your cameras will be pretty much useless at night.

Indoor Lighting for Security

Great lighting is just as important inside your home as it is outside. Consider these types of indoor lighting as part of a well-rounded security plan.

Programmable Lights and Outlets

Sure, you could leave your lights on while you’re away. A well-lit home is a less appealing target than a dark home. But if the lights are always on, then a determined burglar will figure out quickly that no one is actually home. That’s where light timers come in.

By scheduling lights throughout your home to turn on and off at random intervals, you can present the appearance of someone being home even if you aren’t. This programmable timer offers eight on/off programs and even a vacation mode that randomizes programmed lights.

Smart Lighting Systems

Smart home integration seems to be all the rage. And your home’s lighting can get in on the action.

Many of the functions of smart lights are for everyday living and enjoyment: fun colors, automated cues, voice commands, and so forth. But if you can control your lights with your mobile device, then you can control them from anywhere in the world. Even when you’re enjoying a nice vacation, with a few simple clicks, your house looks like “business as usual.”

As with any smart home device, be careful to purchase smart lights from a reputable company and limit the number of devices you connect to one network. The more interconnected your home is, the more devastating a cyberattack can be.

TV Light Simulators

There’s nothing that says you’re home and snuggled in for the night than the telltale flicker of a TV. When you’re not home, a TV light simulator can give the same effect.

For example, devices like this one vary the intensity and color of light, even fading in and out, for a realistic impression of a television. Risk-averse burglars looking for easy pickings will have one more reason to hit a different house instead of yours.

Emergency Lighting

Much like a generator that “kicks on” to keep refrigerators, freezers, and other appliances working in an emergency, add lighting options that serve as backups for your primary lights if the power goes out. There are many options available, including lights that also serve as a backup battery with built-in USB ports. Many are also portable so they can be used as flashlights or torches as you navigate your home. Purchase some chargeable lights and place them in sockets throughout your home so they are ready when a power outage strikes.

Shed Some Light on Your Home’s Security

You can find plenty of lighting options at a variety of price points for inside and outside your home. Don’t risk the vulnerabilities that come from a lack of visibility.  With a customized mix of lighting options that suit your needs, your multi-pronged security plan will be even stronger.

At Deep Sentinel, our video surveillance systems are equipped with a combination of integrated floodlights and night vision technology. With our live video monitoring service, expert security guards have eyes on your property whenever things go “bump” in the night. The guards step in and intervene, even while you’re fast asleep.

We hope that makes your day a little brighter.


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