All About Night Vision Security Cameras

by | May 14, 2024

Night Vision Security Cameras

You don’t have to be involved in covert ops or ghost hunting to use the latest night vision technology. Any smart homeowner or business owner who’s serious about security wants a system that includes night vision security cameras.

Let’s look at what night vision is and why it’s such an important feature.

How Does Night Vision Work?

All living things emit infrared (IR) energy, also known as thermal radiation. Infrared light is invisible to humans, but cameras can detect infrared wavelengths and use them to “see” in the dark. If you look at a night vision camera, you’ll notice small LED bulbs on the front. When it gets dark outside, these lights kick in and add infrared light to the camera’s field of view. While your eyes won’t see a light, the camera will.

The Smithsonian reports that the history of night vision devices goes back to just before World War II when Germany developed primitive infrared devices. The Allies soon followed. These early technologies amplified existing light about 1,000 times. However, they were bulky and required infrared searchlights so big that they needed to be mounted on flatbed trucks. This made them easy targets—clearly a problem during wartime.

Fortunately, today’s use of infrared night vision cameras and goggles doesn’t require such cumbersome setups. Instead, these devices use infrared light to illuminate images in the dark on a much smaller scale.

So why does night vision footage often look like old black-and-white movies? Human eyes can differentiate between black and white much more easily than other shades. Because of this, most night vision security cameras have a monochrome filter to make it easier for our eyes to see the image, especially when looking at footage at night.

Why Are Night Vision Security Cameras Important?

A lot of crime occurs under the cover of darkness. Not being able to see at night leaves you vulnerable and less likely to thwart a crime in progress or prevent it altogether. What you can’t see, you can’t prevent.

That’s where a high-resolution night vision camera comes in. They have the technology to record high-quality images, even when it’s pitch black outside. A camera can both serve as a deterrent to would-be criminals and capture the “handiwork” of anyone who attempts to commit a crime on your business or home’s grounds.

Top Features for Night Vision Security Cameras

There are several features to look for to select the best night vision security cameras.

IR Cut Filter

Many security cameras that offer night vision capabilities include an IR cut filter. This is a mechanical shutter that’s housed between the camera lens and the image sensor. It detects ambient light (e.g. sunlight) and filters it out during the day. Around twilight, the system removes the filter so more light can reach the camera’s image sensor.

What if the system you’re considering doesn’t have an infrared cut filter? In these cases, the extra infrared light can wash out the footage and ultimately cause problems with your daytime image quality.

Illuminated Area

Another feature to consider is powerful illumination. Stronger illumination will make your night vision better, and better vision means better crime prevention. Look for cameras that produce 100 feet of IR illumination.

In addition, consider infrared illuminators that match the security camera field of view. The beam needs to illuminate the entire area captured by the lens. If that’s not the case, some parts of the picture will still be in darkness.


Some night vision cameras also use spotlights to illuminate the area, which allows them to see even in complete darkness. Everything in front of the camera will be captured clearly.

What Else Is Important in a Security Camera?

These other features maximize your camera’s effectiveness.

  • Security camera resolution of at least 1080p. The higher resolution a camera has, the more details and clearer footage it can record, whether those are facial features or a license plate number.
  • Weatherproof or weather-resistant construction. You want a camera that works all the time, in all kinds of conditions. Look for an IP65 rating or higher.
  • Long range so the camera can see at least 30 feet.

In addition, remember that one camera is not typically sufficient. To fully protect your property, you need several cameras to ensure total coverage. Install night vision security cameras around the exterior of your home, paying particular attention to doors and first-floor windows that might tempt burglars at nighttime.

Deep Sentinel Night Vision Security Cameras

All Deep Sentinel DS2 wireless security cameras come equipped with night vision and LED floodlights. The PoE systems take this a step further by integrating industry-leading Starlight technology, which produces full-color nighttime images.

Deep Sentinel night vision

These smart cameras break through the darkness to spot intruders. With technology like this, you can sleep soundly through the dead of night.

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